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Does the Cricut Expression have a USB port for using the Sure Cuts a Lot software?

I have read that there is a program, Sure Cuts a Lot, that can be used with the Cricut Expression machine. How does it hook up to the cricut cutter? Does the Cricut Expression machine have a USB port? I would figure that you must hook up your cricut to your computer/laptop to be able to send the info from your computer to the cricut. Does any Cricut owner use this program and could explain exactly how it works.

The cord has a regular rectangle USB that goes into your computer. The other end goes into your cricut but it's more square like my printer.

Provo Craft is not affiliated with SCAL and suggests that you do not use it. I do use SCAL but my machines are no longer under warranty. I have not had a problem with SCAL or Cricut Design Studio. SCAL cuts your true type fonts and dingbats that are already on your computer. You can get other images and fonts online. To use the images you are going to need to install Inkscape also. This will change it from a picture file to .svg file. has some great youtube videos on how to use SCAL and Inkscape.

Make Your Own Costume

Halloween is regarded as one of the most anticipated events every not just by children but by adults as well. This time of the year marks as the remembrance to loved ones that are now cradled in God’s hands. And for children, Halloween is the time for chocolate and candies, trick or treats complete with scary, fun and exciting costumes.

And this year, Goodwill thrift stores offer a new and unique way to commemorate Halloween and added a twist in creating your costumes. Say goodbye to ready-made costumes that are manufactured by bulk (where’s the uniqueness in that?), and priced way beyond budget. With Goodwill’s “Costume a Day, the Goodwill Way”, the power is in your hands to create the scariest yet very adorable suit or maybe even the freakiest yet fun costume for you.

The “Costume a Day, the Goodwill Way” kicks in on October 1st, promoting 30 affordable DIY Halloween costumes each day, completing the 30 days of October up to Halloween. Kirsten O’Donnell, Goodwill’s director for Public Relations and Marketing, shares that their store has a lot to offer. She says that those versatile green scrubs can be transformed to make a Peter Pan costume, a surgeon, an elf, a cowboy’s suit and maybe even a French maid. As what O’Donnell said, all that you need is a little imagination and you’re on to creating your most memorable Halloween costume.

Les Grantham, the manager of the Goodwill store on Daniels in South Fort Myers, said that their stores have new items coming in everyday - this definitely is an assurance that all your Halloween needs will be met. For all your costume needs, Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida is inviting everyone to check out their website at and also visit their stores for a one-of-a-kind Halloween costume treat. Goodwill stores have 24 Retail and Donation Centers spread across Southwest Florida. And it’s also good to note that you not only enjoy Halloween via adorable costumes - you have also helped people with disabilities. Part of the Goodwill revenue from the donated items goes to charity.

Aside from this charitable act, this event is also in time to cut your expenditures with costumes. According to a recent survey by the National Retail Federation, the results showed that an average shopper will cut their Halloween costume budget for about $10! That is some saving act.

And as you create your unique costume, complete it with accessories to match like Peter Pan’s knife and other scary add-ons with Cricut. Express your creative side using the Cricut machine and have that complete Halloween feel!

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