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Tips for cutting fabric on the cricut machine?

Hi 🙂 I am wanting to try out some applique, and wanted to cut out shapes on my cricut machine. I have looked online for some tips or tutorials, but haven't really found anything.
I am wanting to know what blade I use, regular or deep. How fast I should cut, and what to set the pressure to.
I will most likely be cutting out thinner fabric, so I doubt I'll need the deep blade. Would I meed a new mat as well?
Any other tips would be wonderful!

The video covers all that is basic.

Save the paper that you peel from the fusible and use it under and over the fabric to protect the ironing board cover and iron from adhesive build-up.

You can also use a temp spray adhesive and paper to stabilize fabrics that you do not want to fuse to another item.

Create Your Own Gumball Machine

The gumball machine seems like a thing of the past. You cannot find them often as you may have had before. In fact, you will most definitely find gumball machines before in arcades and in malls and in places where there is a huge amount of people loitering and walking about. However, right now, you cannot find them that much. And that has been quite a sad thing for most people especially if these colorful machines have been part of their business or even a part of their lives. Some hold a lot of wonderful memories when they see a gumball machine.

Some people may call a gumball machine to be a retro thing or a thing of the past but if this is something that makes you happy or makes you tick, think of this - you can actually create one for yourself. It may not actually work like the real thing but if you want to have an gumball machine displayed in your home, in your office, or just in your own room, you can create your own one and you will be happy to have it to remind you of the good old days which has definitely gone by.

You may need a Tera Cotta pot. You will also need several knobs to make it look real. Paint them in whatever color you would like them to be and let it dry. You can add a lid and also paint that if you choose to. When it is already dry, you can then start gluing the whole deal together. You need to glue the knobs if you want it to have them. And then you also have to glue the pot to a base. The base may be another pot or it can be a stand or pedestal that you have lying around. Or else, the whole thing would already be ready to put on top of a table. The lid need not be glued or else you cannot fill your machine with the things you would like to fill it with.

Be sure to make your gumball machines colorful just like the ones of long ago. In fact, you can use a variety of materials to decorate it. You can Cricut any shapes with the help of a Cricut machine. They have a variety of shapes which includes the usual shapes plus a variety of others including unusual ones like animals.

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