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I want to make/buy monogram lighting for my wedding reception any suggestions?

I have always wanted to have monogram lighting shine on the walls & dance floor at my wedding. There is only one company where I live and they can't do it. Do you know where I can purchase the actual equipment or how I can go about making it myself?

Contact party suppliers that might have projection screens or spot lights. You might even be able to check a home store like Home Depot or Lowes to get one yourself. That might be a better solution so you could mess around with the sizing.

Then you would need to cut the monogram into an opaque paper or film to cover the light. There is a die cutting machine called a Cricut that can cut letters with perfection. I have the smaller Cricut machine & it will run you about $150+, then you will need the program with the font you like which will cost another $50+. has good deals.

But this is an expensive way to go (especially if you wouldn't be using the Cricut for other crafts). Renting might be a better option.


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