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Crochet blanket with Initial?

For Christmas I wat to make sister this epic crochet blanket, she totally loves homemade gifts and I want to do a good job this yr(the prev yrs havnt been so hot) i need to kno some pattern that r good for a blanket and how to put a giant Initial in the center of it. Anything else I'll need to kno, tips or other ideas r greatly appreciated 🙂

Just do the whole afghan in double crochet and center the initial in the middle. Here's a link that has initial's already charted for you. You'll have to decide how large you want to make the afghan and how large you want to make the initial.

On the initial chart you might want to make each square 4 squares to get a large initial. And each square would be a row or two and two or three double crochets depending on how tight or loose you crocet and what size yarn and hook you use. Make a practice square, like a pillow size first to practice and figure it out.


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