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Where I can find free doll clothes patterns for American Girl, knitting and crochet for free?

I models knitted dresses and models, hats etc and hook models, etc.

Have you checked Always check first! There are tons of clothes patterns Doll it (see Resources). If you see something you like, but this is not the right size, you can probably adjust the model to operate. Let me know if you need help to do that. On this item at Crochetville, too, there was a general discussion at the doll clothes 18 "doll:

Liven up your collection of dolls in new clothes and fun accessories

For some of us, the girl who loves her dolls still hiding inside. For many of us, however, it does not hide, she uses her collection of every day. Doll collecting is a hobby fascinating. If you like porcelain dolls with elegant costumes, baby dolls, with lots of clothes, or 18-inch popular brands such as American Girl, there are many out there to choose from.

Part of the fun of collecting doll costumes and outfits, you can find to use them. Computers Updated to match the season or holiday is a fun way to keep your collection looking fresh. Red Velvet Dress Christmas, Halloween costumes, ethnic clothes traditional clothing, seasonal, pajamas and bathing suits are some of the clothing available. wedding dresses, evening gowns and clothing historical are favorites of many collectors. A beautiful shoe hunting, lace underwear and other accessories for dolls based costumes is half the fun.

Buying furniture is a great way to display and organize your collection. There are many pieces that are rich in both specialty stores and online. Some of them are period pieces that are great for 18 inch dolls and many others. Others are contemporary, and adapt to their own furniture or decorating style. Doll Beds are available in many styles and sizes of soft, swinging twin beds, bunk beds, canopy beds and canopy beds. Pillows and bedding complete the look.

But there are also kitchen tables, tables restaurant, log cabins, meals, high chairs, food and play. A tea party is a superb display of doll for spring or Mother's Day. Bedside tables, coffee tables, chairs, and lamps of all kinds are available for your pleasure.

For example, chests, cabinets and trunks in the sticker is a great way to keep track of small parts. By storing clothing each joint of the wrist, it is easy to find the product you want. Underwear, socks and shoes are so small and easy to lose. Fortunately, pants, trousers, shirts, underwear and can easily be replaced in many companies. Stockings and socks of different colors to match any outfit. Boxer dolls are also easy to find.

Any of these items would be a unique and highly appreciated gift for a collector of dolls all ages. vintage clothing is available from several manufacturers. Models are also available for those who enjoy sewing, knitting and crochet.

Skateboards ice, cowboy boots, scarves, sunglasses, bags, backpacks, caps, brushes, and jewelry are some of the more unusual items that you can find for your collection. Clothing for reasons of your doll? As with jackets, hats, a leather jacket or stole a hat, a raincoat with matching bag and sweatshirts Hooded can be found.

Many manufacturers make huge paintings of doll clothing and accessories made for specific formats, especially popular dolls dimensions such as 18 inches. With all the elements of pleasure and clothing available, there is no excuse to satisfy their love for doll collecting.

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