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Does anyone know where I can find a simple pattern knit baby hook?

I searched the Internet, but that does not come with a single jersey. I'm looking for something that the buttons on the front, with or without neck.

The Baby "It's Cold Outside" Sweater by Julie Armstrong Holetz) is simple, fast and pretty amazing! It lends itself to all sorts of variations. In fact, there was an ongoing "Crochet Along" on Crochetville since March 2006. Check out some cute sweaters that people have done with all kinds of advice and assistance: It has become on my way out the pattern (a form of stars, Afghanistan) gifts for the baby. The amendment to add another reason, as fast, easy and cute as Dickens (not to mention terribly smart!). It is a good jersey made by 2 hexagons and join them on a board. Here are 2 versions: (Col) (Collar)

Crochet for beginners? Doing things right from the start

The first thing you learn to crochet for beginners is the kind of hook to use for each project. If you are weaving a tapestry of the table, then you have a very small hook, generally 1.50, so you have small points needed to end with thread. If you want to crochet a blanket or a hat, then you must use a larger hook. The larger sizes are letters A to J, J is the most important. A hook is good for use with fine wool, such as baby wool, while J is a thick wool hook. worsted weight in general requires a hook size G. You also need a good quality son who won `t stretch while you work by making you have uneven points.

His first project should be a little something that can be completed in a very short time. It is also a project that allows you to practice, only one or two stitches. The first fundamental point is the hook chain. You can knit all day with this and do nothing, but you need to practice pulling the thread through the loop on the hook to get an idea of how hold the needle and the precision with which it must pass the wool to make the point.

A Once you have mastered the chain, then move the weak point. At this stage, first complete a boot string and insert the needle (hook) hook in the second string. Then wrap the yarn around the hook and pull through all loops on the needle. Most students start with a simple cloth, because you "have T to too many channels and not many lines to fill.

Torchon starts the chain of 36 stitches. The latter will the inflection point of the chain, because once you've completed the baseline, to begin work on the stitches in the row. Make a point on the bottom of each channel to reach the final. A chain and turn the work so that now hook through the line again. To do this, the 38 rows and bind against the cuts and pulling the wool through the loop end that is on the hook. Weave in ends and now has a kitchen towel, you can use.

Another easy project for beginners include making a scarf or a blanket for a doll. You can make a square or strips for Afghan weaving and sewing. Once you've used for points and learn what the symbols in the pattern of words, you start to create special projects for your home and gifts. Some of the symbols you need to know are:

* Ch? Chain

* St? Point

* SC? crochet

* Double Crochet Dc-

hook * Tr? acute

These are the bases used All models hook.

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