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How do you interpret this book trend?

I am new to crochet and read the instructions I just bought a pattern book. I'm working a stuffed octopus and read this: A5: SC * 2 * 2 sc in next sc, representative of 6 times. (30m) R6-11: SC 30, tried to interpret in various ways, but it was not correct. to "30 Yes" means that I repeat the line 5 instructions six times? I also difficult to read the inside of the * 's.

He wants you to put 2 hooks on a single issue until a total of 30 ms and the series 6 to 11 points lower in each stitch 1 times. You will need a marker at the beginning of your turn. You can and count how many laps as you know where was the beginning. Hope that helps. Good luck

Granny Square Crochet

With the renewed interest in crochet, caused by its use in fashion ready-to-wear, and the interest bay in anything antique, vintage and nostalgic - most often in the phenomenon of patchwork quilt - which also came a growing interest in crochet, in general, and manufacturing carpets, blankets, quilts, etc. in the style of so-called "Granny Square Crochet.

This model popular is probably the reason crochet hook most universally recognized worldwide. Its popularity is due to facts that is made of basis points and is quick and easy, small, portable, fast, and uses bits of leftover yarn from other projects. When the patterns are combined the result is a very useful tool, Article colorful and friendly looks and feels very special and yet it was easy and profitable to produce.

Adapted from the finest and more complex models to hook formed by the first European settlers the new world, which of course also a long time, grandmother crocheted square became the term most practical and useful hook at a time when the practicality and usefulness have been all the more necessary for daily life, survival and, in fact, very good "and" beauty was complex.

Now DONT get me wrong - I do not say Granny crochet square that is not beautiful, it certainly has its own beauty. With its beautiful colors, patterns and textures that has the aesthetic beauty, but as an ethereal beauty, too, or "soul" - the ability to touch our hearts, perhaps because it connects us to humanity "Those who have, and also because it is very convenient. Granny Articles carpet squares, shawls and blankets for comfort." They are also be very satisfactory.

If you have not yet sent a draft hook - perhaps because you're not sure what do - then hook Granny squares can be the best way to start, once you know their first basis points. The wonderful thing about crochet grandmother square for a beginner is that each square is very small and therefore easily be made so that you can build one here and there every Once you have bits of time. It really will not take long at all before you have enough put together to do something. I have seen used to make mattress covers, blankets, wrist, and even the handles, you see that there are some very useful and can do with only a very limited number places, or even two!

For more ideas, habits and equipment, take a look at my blog, Hook life, where I chose some of the best resources for you, plus tips and tricks to learn to crochet and crochet projects easy. Here you will find also access to a fabulous book with everything you need to know, plus some amazing bonuses that come with it. Enjoy your boat!

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I am the mother of 4 children and have always been interested in textile crafts ever since my mother taught me to knit when I was very young. I am also interested in natural health remedies, cooking, gardening, and Bible studies. Visit my blog, Crochet Life, at


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