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The Taming of the Shrew or how stubborn hair Sedu Hairstyle

Have you ever thought about shaving his head bald? If the case, what has or stubborn hair rather uncontrollable. These requests your hair a war every day. It leaves little room for creativity and strap in despair, because you can not have these elegant hairstyles, Sedu soft, silky and right that are so fashionable in their favorite celebrities.

But the fact is that this is not as bad as it seems, because there are many opportunities to qualify for the hair so easily Sedu hair becomes. The most popular forms of chemical straightening and smoothing recovery heat. They are quite different in the way the process is made, but have the same result: the hair becomes straight and tamed.

So if you're tired of the ongoing war in which the battle has filed his head, then all you need to do is choose which of these two methods is preferable, it applies, and enjoy your right hair smooth, shiny, silky and Sedu.

Chemical straightening

Chemical straightening involves the application of chemicals both hair straightening and neutralize the harmful effects of the rectifiers. In general, the following are applied for straightening chemicals:

• chemical hair straightening formula - Cross Cut bonds inside each hair and makes hair stiff;
• Neutralizer - fixing the effect relaxation and restore natural pH;
• petroleum cream - it protects the scalp from the influence of relaxing;
• shampoo specifically designed for relaxing - Take care of your hair after correction and help improve the overall health of your hair;
• Hair relaxing conditioners - they moisturize hair and make the security barrier around each hair to prevent brittleness and fragility.
The relaxation process is generally composed of the following steps. They are fundamental and must be done in the salon professional.

Step 1: Apply Straightening

A protective oil cream can or can not be applied as protection for the scalp before relaxing or damaged hair. A hair trigger chemical formula is applied to soften, loosen and relax the natural curl.

Hair must be completely dry before the relaxation process has been launched. One designer uses certain trigger lock separated and he straightens it gently with your hands or a flat apparatus. The hair must be combed as the relaxing affects the hair's natural elasticity and are unable to take twice its normal length.

Relaxers are usually left on hair for 5-8 minutes or longer if necessary. As a calming influence on the core of each hair, the more Leaving the chemical formula on the hair is straight hair. But the risk of damaging your hair will be higher.

Step 2: Wash and neutralize

After the hair has been treated in time, the chemicals are completely emptied of water hair hot. Water must not be hot or cold, but warm only to avoid thermal shock hair.

Then a neutralizing formula is applied to the hair. The neutralizer is also known as a stabilizer or fixative. The neutralization process oxidizes hair and restores the pH due at high pH, due to the relaxation may cause the hair to swell and burst. You must be very careful when applying neutralizer, for not only fixing the results of the relaxation process of hair, but some actually neutralize the reorganization of crosslinks to make straight hair.

Step 3: Condition

According to the state of being relaxed hair conditioner can be applied until the formula relaxation, after or sometimes even be applied before and after. There are two conditions are available: cream conditioners and the protein, or liquid conditioners.

If you have frizzy hair or hair has been damaged by heat and other chemicals, you may need apply conditioner before the relaxation process. And in the case of serious injury hair by hair before smoothing procedures is not advisable to chemical recovery until the hair is at least partially recovered.

In other cases, it is useful to apply conditioner before relaxation process to protect over-processed hair or fragile. The air conditioner can also be applied after the grinding process to avoid the risk of becoming brittle and dry hair.

Heat Straightening

Heat straightening is usually known as smoothing in time because it should be applied continuously at regular intervals. However, at the same time, is less harmful compared to chemical straightening.

There are many different recovery tools and heat the irons. The technologies applied in the irons are also numerable. There rectifiers iron, jade straighteners, sapphire straighteners, straighteners ceramic, tourmaline straighteners tourmaline and ceramic straighteners.

Although all devices listed are used to straighten hair, each has different characteristics. Although the history of iron plates begins with rectifiers, now the last word is ceramic / Tourmaline straightener Sedu hair straighteners and the best range.

Applied Technologies ceramic / tourmaline hair straightener called tourmaline ionizing and ceramic moisturizer. The tourmaline is included in the Sedu hair iron, release ions when heated and that leads to hair ionizing helps restore softness and smoothness of her hair. Pottery, plates, provides moisture natural and leaves the hair shiny and healthy after using other straighteners.

However, whatever the device used to straightening process is conducted in the following steps:

Step 1: Shampoo, condition and dry

Heat straightening requires two preparatory steps as washing and drying.

The washing process is essential to smooth the hair from the heat because it removes dirt, dust and the natural fat, which can otherwise result in ownership "Indeed, when both iron and damaged hair.

After washing your hair, the need to dry. You can leave your hair dry or air to a blow-dry fast. To avoid unnecessary damage, we recommend using an optimal set for brushing. Hair must be completely dry before correction, because the hair wet or wet can suffer serious damage during the process.

Step 2: Apply hair iron for straightening hair

Comb your hair and is divided small sections. Insert a section between the plates of the iron and gently squeeze the hair plates closed. Move slowly rectifier the hairline to the tip. Follow the hair iron with a fine tooth comb. Repeat for each section of your hair.

It is very important not to leave the iron on a point of long hair, or you can burn your hair. Avoid touching your hair immediately after recovery, because it will be very hot.

Step # 3: Hair Style

Once you straighten your hair, you can create any hairstyle you want, using hair care products. In addition, although real Sedu hairstyles generally considered hairpin right which is used to lose, but any variation of the classic Sedu hairstyles are accepted and favored by both celebrities and ordinary people.

There are short, medium and long hairstyles Sedu, dance and casual Sedu hairstyles, and whatever you consider convenient for you. To choose the hairstyle just think of any person either a friend or a celebrity, whose hairstyle you want, and do the same hairstyle.

If that, having chosen the path to straighten hair and the hairstyle you would like to have everything you need to do is repeat the steps above, and congratulate you with a complete victory over his hair. Now it is tamed, controllable, smooth and straight, and you can make your own Sedu hair length.

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Mary Anne Lionel is a hair care consultant She specializes in Sedu hair straightening and offers free consultations on healthy treatment of damaged hair. Visit Mary Anne's web log at


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