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Cross Stitch - What does this mean?

I just bought my first model of self and cross stitch supplies all of the project. I just using the kits and fabric Aida at this time. The project involves the 32ct linen and said, "... The use of two lines of more than two children, lino" I know "two components" refers to the use of two of the 6 of silk ... pretty standard. However, having never used the linen, which does both, "are" mean? Does this mean that a "square" to a single point of the Cross consists of 9 holes in the fabric? In addition, the amount of material should I leave out the project, when I cut the fabric?

Aida is an armor "block" tissue, which means if you look, made up of groups of child woven into cloth. Lino (or yarn) is composed of individual fibers of fabric. Rather, the point of each hole you made in Aida, you assemble the other hole when using flax Challis. Photo of a board tic-tac-toe, like #. Come down to the left, pass the hole in the center, opposite the upper right. This seam "in two." Finish your X on the same steps in the other direction. Personally, I prefer clothes / evenweaves Aida because the fund is looking much better. Also, as you gain experience and start exploring other types of stitches (loops, Rhodes, etc) are much easier on the machine. Only simple stitches old (who seem to "drive you nuts and in Aida) will be much easier on the computer because they have to drill an extra hole to make. BTW, 32 ct linen over 2 of 16 carats was served. I prefer to leave a 3 "Fabric borders on all sides. HTH

Learn to Embroider

Cross stitch is very easy to learn. You follow a design or a design printed on fabric Challis (usually Aida). You will use dental floss and the creation of a cross (X) on the web. Each symbol in the model represents an X on the web. Different symbols represent the different colors of silk.

To start sewing, make sure you have the following:
* Pattern
* Fabric Challis (usually Aida)
* Needle (size 24 to 14 Number of Aida and the size 26 for all other tissue over 14 pieces).
* Scissors

The Most people prefer a 14 point count Aida. First, find the center of your letter, following the arrows. An arrow in the top center and the other in the left half of your chart. Follow these two arrows. Where they meet is the center point. Below the center of your fabric - fold it in twice. Center be at the intersection of two folds.

The first method is to work with a row of half stitches, then work again (////), ( ) To supplement the use X. this method for most sewing. Ensure that all crossing points in the same direction and down on your fabric.

A color can have only a few stitches and then start another color. You decide if you want to end and start over with another color or wear the wire along the back. Usually the point anyway first color (in a box), then switch to another color in the same area.

That's it! Very simple. Just follow the model and you'll create a wonderful piece of art!

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