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Is there anyone out there who is willing to send old and new cross stitch markers and cards?

This not available in our country and want to see samples before beginning to mine. If you can make also include some good cards. Please send a mail to my address. Thank you.

Well, that sounds like something I could handle. I'll send an email. ~ - ~

10 reasons why you should start to cross stitch

If you're bored and feel that life is happening without you doing anything meaningful itâ € ™ s time to pick up a needle. Donâ € ™ t worry, itâ € ™ s nothing to do with acupuncture injections or fear. More or less, itâ € ™ is a wonderful hobby with a list of therapeutic value.

Here are my top ten reasons why you should start to cross stitch today!

1. Itâ € ™ is a good way to focus.

Ever tissue seen in cross stitch? These places are so small If you donâ € ™ t see what youâ € ™ re done, the fingers will have holes in them pretty clean. Iâ € ™ ve done cross stitch for years and still sometimes suffer from a stab, but improves with time. You learn to know where your finger is at any time. And that my friends, lead to a higher level of care.

2. He teaches the art of patience.

Has a large number of stitches her Aida and after all, you realize something? Somehow, this corner is supposed to be ten places for this corner and strangely Thereâ € ™ s only one box. You know what? Youâ € ™ ve miscounted the spaces! Then the process starts to undo the cross. Iâ € ™ ve to undo many things that sometimes I'm tempted to bite the wire, but I breathe exhale and repeat the mantra of the Cross point may be a € œWhat can be unstitched sewing €. It requires much strength and patience to undo lot of clutter and not again.

3. You learn to cover the damage.

Remember how your mother cry you sweep the floor or clean your room, and what he did was sweep the dust under the carpet or cramps all the toys in the closet of yours? Cross stitch is a thing. You see, you show your last piece with people going ooh aah and what a beautiful design! But what you donâ ™ € t found the back of your design. All that ugly knots and filaments that have been cut too short or long term. Well, what people donâ € ™ t know Wona ™ € t hurt right?

4. He teaches the danger of misleading the sharps.

This is what happens to cross nail that can not keep their hands in one place. This is also why the needles are sold in a pack instead of one. Manufacturers know that in a project item Cross is likely to forget where you stick the needle. Just try to remember not to stick to sit on the couch.

5. He teaches mathematics.

How many facets are needed to make the point clear? Six or two? Yes you have to say and remember what else. So we go to school. Mathematics is all around us. If you want your children learn mathematics, I tell them to cross stitch. Plus you have the place! Now thatâ € ™ s very difficult mathematics.

6. It teaches you to be resourceful.

When the end is near, and you find that you need a single color thread to finish work, what can you do? You only need so little. Forget about buying another skein. Everything you need to do is look at all the son who have been collected in previous projects and find more color wire missing. Iâ € ™ ve done many times and nobody was wiser. It also means having an eye you should be able to find the closest match. This does not work if you think pink is the new green.

7. It improves memory retention.

The cross stitch, one must look at the table, remember how many squares and the put. This is called the retention of memory. If you donâ € ™ t have it, youâ € ™ ll refer to the table every 5 seconds and get a neck cramp in the process. When I started to cross stitch, I had to highlight every few blocks Iâ € ™ houses did. Now I have always, but only after Iâ € ™ ve sewn much. Your memory continues improving and ITA € ™ s great! Soon, everything you see around you are cars. Sorry, but I have a little Matrix it.

8. It's something to hope for.

When Iâ € ™ m in the middle of a project, I'll do when I free time. I remember working with me or take the train. I even did it to the hospital after waiting for a sick friend. Itâ € ™ is just a hobby to fill an extraordinary time. If Iâ € ™ m on my way home, thinking about my picketing in front of TV is a nice thought. Itâ € ™ s Definitely something I always look forward to.

9. You save money crafts as a gift "> donations.

Soon the number of completed cross stitch to start earning. What you do with them? You can read my other article â € œ href = "http://article.php?aid=718917" target = "_self" title = "Your Cross Point is, now what?"> Your cross stitch is done, now what?  € to get some ideas. You're almost done everything Christmas! And itâ € ™ s personal super cuddly. Donâ € ™ t it better to have a card purchased at the store?

10. Incredible feeling Achievement

This is what I feel every time I finished the cross stitch project. It doesnâ € ™ t matter whether itâ € ™ s my first, second or twentieth cross stitch . A Once Iâ € ™ see related to my last point, I take a deep breath, look and say Wow. It may not be the most perfect work, but itâ € ™ s my job and thatâ € ™ s all that matters.

About the Author

Hamidah Gul is a freelance published writer whose works in fiction have been published both in print and electronically.

She also runs The Art of Stitch an online needlecraft store with a Cross Stitch & Writing Blog.


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