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u do not know where I can find free maps of Disney Cross Stitch 2 print my 2 little girls in 4 rooms?

My girls love movies Disney and want to take some photos of cross stitch 2

Unfortunately Disney has a license for you to find the intruder free. Cross Stitch Magazines often if you look on their sites you can find something.

The basics of cross stitch

There are many things you need to start this incredible hobby. In fact, if you were to get a kit, that everything you need in one package. But if you decide to make a chart that there are certain things you need to get before you begin your project.

1. Tissue

Most important to obtain and there are as many types as you wonder how you will choose. First you decide on the account you would make the model. Most cards will tell you the size based on its own recommended, but there is no pressure to stick to its recommendation. If you do not feel comfortable your cross stitch 28 or 32 have chosen a small ultra square, then by all means a more comfortable fabric 18 "account. He points easier and not affect the final result much more. All you have to consider is the size of the canvas. Because of small square design in a tissue-account 32 will be smaller and stronger. However, a design on a fabric 18-account will be a few inches wide for what they always do check the size of the fabric before receiving them and do not forget to include at least 3 inches extra for framing.

After deciding the count, can decide what type of fabric you choose. There are softer materials, hard tissue, tissues that do not fight, and fabrics decorated. The most common is called Aida fabric and this can be found anywhere. fabrics soft and easy to clean as you go with your project.

2. Needle

There are several sizes of needle and it is better to choose the needle that is placed from fabric. There are sizes 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 and 28. The most commonly used is a size 28 is perfect for the 18-count Aida cloth.

3. silk or

There are few manufacturers of wire cross stitch and the two most important are Anchor and DMC. The son is every color imaginable. And each thread is composed of 6 chapters. For cross-stitch, these issues must be separated into groups of 2 son of the mesh the most common. The average point may require that the component 1 and there are points that require a combination of 2 colors. These are that one of the most exciting parts make a cross stitch project.

When you are finished with your cross-stitch, do not lose the extra wire. Save it for future models coming in a magazine or you can even create your own mini designs. You never know when a thread can be short so that the rest will be useful later.

The above are the three most important things you need to start their point of intersection. Apart from that, you can find the rest things around the house or even close the store. Things like storage space, stand or thimble are optional things to happen. Not essential but if you feel you need it and that makes your work more enjoyable by all means, go ahead.

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