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Does anyone have the old number in September / 1985 First issue of BH & G Cross Stitch & Country Crafts Magazine October?

In particularly interested in the forests of northern and storage modes Victorian Christmas Garland in this matter.

miz_eleanor Hi, If you can not find someone with a new theme, you can try Goodwill or second hand Hi Army as they have old issues of magazines or try to communicate with BH & G to see if you can request a return number. Finally and above all do not try a website in cross stitch. Good luck Blueladybug

A brief history of industrial sewing machine

sewing machine is an important invention of human life and particularly for professionals dresses that lend to others. In this article we will discuss the brief history of the sewing machine.
Industrial sewing machines actually comes America, England and France also contributes a lot. Many countries around the world also play their role in the process of moving the machine sewing. Thomas was the first person authorized to make the industrial sewing machine in 1970. This machine was capable of sewing leather and fabric. It's like a copy of the human arm when sewing materials that many before. It was not possible before 1807, when the British, William and Edward did eye needle at the bottom of things and not at the top.
There comes a time when industrial sewing machines have become so effective in their work began much demand very few people in the industry. When a man Thimmonier French Bartheleémy, obtain the copyright, it will start to produce the uniform of the French army. In more than 160 suits have been fired, destroying a large number of machines. The man produced a section cross using curved needles. This machine has never been patented
An American Walter Hunt in 1834 to introduce a new technology sewing machine, was closed by a point under the machine. The safety pin is also an invention of the hunt. In 1846, an American designed Elias and built a machine he has. This machine is marketed in England, but many other companies have also begun to produce these machines. So when he returned to the United States, to know about this deception. Then he took companies to court who has copied his ideas and won his trial in 1854, this case is a milestone in the history of patent law.
Mr. Issac Singer industrial machine was the main competitor Howe of the industrial machine. Singer received a patent in 1851. This machine had an arm hanging over a flat table and dropped a needle down. This was the main difference between these two machines. This machine is multi-directional sewing.
In 1850, Howe and Singer decided to create a community patent, and other manufacturers, because many patents are in the industrial sewing machine. When civil war broke out a large number of uniform would have been necessary. In this situation, industry sewing machine RPG essential to meet the obligation and Howe and Singer the first millionaire inventors.

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