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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Cross Stitch Dmc products and information here meets your needs.

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dimensions of customer service e-mail?

What cross a seam PPL out there have a customer service email for sizes please? I have a cross stitch kit, i can not complete due to missing son and the list goes on DMC issues of the size of the numbers has produced. the kit is the number 35,108 white flash. Addy received the email constantly referred to me because I tanika971 e-mail now, and I hope to finish my beautiful tiger

Can cross stitch is a part of the ship Colray Postfach 235 CH 6340 Baar 1, Phone: 041 761 8744 Fax: 041 761 6373 UK Postal Address 65F Main Street Bangor BT20 5AF Tel: 028 9146 3113 Contact by email Hope this helps

What to look for in a cross stitch kit

This is a guide to help you buy a kit for counted cross stitch. Many designers / companies cross stitch kits take that are not good value for money. Before making a purchase, you should ask what is included in a kit - if you buy online find this information on your website. Otherwise, please send an email and ask them.
When you buy a kit that you should receive:

Tela (Usually Aida)

The model should be expanded and clear to read a list of all the son in general DMC / Anchor / Madeira numbers, etc. The fabric must be more than enough to be able to frame when the design is complete. This is where most Designers and companies make our lives difficult. Most cross stitch kits are packaged with the son listed as colors. For example dark blue, blue clear, very light. If there is a variety of blue, you can not tell the difference between them and we do not know what color goes where. We must therefore seek kits which include discussions on a host maps submitted by the thread color and number. Thus, you can match the number of threads with the symbol of the configuration.

Since most of us pay a lot of money for kits cross stitch, you can also get the best product available to help us begin sewing immediately without Help. So do your research before buying to avoid dissapoint.

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