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Where is Yoshi design for embroidery?

best friend's birthday is close to me, and I want to sew her a Yoshi embroidery / Cross-stitch. I cam on a site with the Yoshi embroidery, but the site is on the bottom screen does not have it (I can understand Spanish). I can not buy something online or offline so I'm looking for web design, please help!

Nintendo designs as are allowed. They are generally not available for free. Maybe you could use graph paper and try to make your own graph Yoshi to cross stitch. Is authorized to do so for personal use, but you can not sell the design with just one character if licensed.

10 good reasons to cross stitch

There are several reasons for access to attractive, the blue-collar crafts cross-stitch, ten of which are presented below. So go read and then pay a visit to your local craft store and start her career in cross stitch today.

1. Why is "blue collar" you ask? Well Compared to other hobbies, cross stitch, it is really cheap, no fancy machines or expensive. When you purchase a kit or son and fabrics for your own design which is a major expense (well, until you buy the next anyway). Simple kits from a few dollars and you are sure something to the end of it to show their efforts.

2. Whatever your product, whether a small image within inches in diameter, or a sampler, which extends the length of your wall, you always maintain. Even your children can inherit, thus creating a relic.

3. Even beginners can make cross stitch works that are beautiful and professional. Starter kits do not require prior experience and time to develop their skills, which can evolve to model more complex. You never have to look in stores for a special gift again.

4. Everything you do will be unique and very personal, the perfect gift for any occasion.

5. Cross stitch is excellent for recreation and relaxation. Simply sit with your Radio / CD, remote point on the contents of his heart.

6. Cross stitch is a true "portable" hobby. You can sew while sat in his chair watching TV or, alternatively, you can take with you on vacation or travel by train along. The trouble is no doubt be a thing of the past.

7. The large number of cross stitch patterns available today is that there will always be something you want, whatever capacity. Simple designs for beginners with a small number of son of color and very basic points if you do not have to go read a manual before starting. However, as you'll learn a few more points and techniques you can try more complex models until you cross the professional stapler.

8. There are literally hundreds of websites offering cross stitch patterns. You must buy their own son and tissue but that is half the challenge! There is absolutely nothing on earth that once things are finished cross stitch, but it's really a hobby for life.

9. As more confidence and control, you can sell some of their creations to make pocket money while some thing you want to do. You can even advertise their talents and design patterns for individual customers. Given a few years, could a nice little business, and a great pastime.

10. outdoor activities like hiking and bird watching are not much pleasure in the rain or in the middle of winter, but cross stitching can be done at any time of year, whatever the weather. In fact, it's a great feeling to sit in a nice warm home, cozy in a winter afternoon and fortunately not boring hours road.

In general, cross stitch, it is truly a universal pastime that anyone can control and if your curiosity get the best you, you probably is engaged in any time. Historically, cross stitch has a rather vague stigma attached to him as an idea by many simply as a former "business. But this could not be further from the truth, people of all ages, cross stitch, including adolescents and children ... and yes, men too! ... and Hey! If you do not think I was let go, you'll soon discover why cross stitch is really popular.

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John Wigham has been a professional author and editor for 20 years and is a co-founder of an online cross stitch club dedicated to counted cross stitch. The website has a small team of writers who are devoted to our cross stitch club and enjoy writing about their hobby.


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