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Trying to remember the name of a catalog of cross Stich, canvaswork supplies, etc?

No Nordic Needle ... trying to remember the name Using a catalog to order years ago. They sold the kits, supplies, books for the point canvaswork Cruz, Hardanger, etc. I remember in particular models that have been canvaswork quilt as in various colors, models. There is Mary Maxim or Herschnerrs. Does anyone have an idea of what could be? These are good, but not what I was looking for. It was more than 5 years so that might already be gone. I love Jean Hilton Designs. Only 1 small piece, but I find Hardanger and try more of that.

Perhaps the son Stitchery The Tree of memory Needle Arts Apart from that, I can not think of others who are still there ... What designer are you looking for? Myself and the two designers who canvaswork "The Quilt designs are stylish and Debbie Draper Laura Perin. (You can find many of their designs and materials at the site of the needle and Nordic countries. Hope this helps!

information and photos Hardanger embroidery

My house was full of more and more with Hardanger embroidery. When I was older, I realized what a treasure and clothing have been carefully preserved and now keep one salon for special occasions. Grandmother was from Norway and, despite emigrating to a new country and help manage a fishing camp and still found time to carry out this great tradition.

You can see some examples of tables href = "> click" this link (opens new window).

Hardangersøm (or Hardangersaum) is Norwegian for 'embroidery from Hardanger, and refers to the style of how many of us know that the Hardanger embroidery takes its current name of a town on the coast south-west Norway, in a mountainous region in head of the Hardanger fjord.

Hardanger embroidery is a form of project is believed to have originated in Asia and Persia. Hardanger Lace has also been named Norway the way it looks. The lower parts of the fabric is cut and discarded, with the edges worked over in buttonhole stitch. We work on a background of white cloth linens, including fabrics, in general, or cotton, cotton garments and necklaces of pearls.

Models were used as decoration in bands worked favorite embroidery across the tablecloths, napkins, towels, blankets, pillows, curtains and clothing such as aprons, shirts and suits of Norway.

In the simplest forms of Hardanger, the holes to decorate the fabric, but techniques more advanced, the holes can be filled with the son of various models to create more elaborate design. You can see two examples in the pictures.

The traditional designs are geometric and based on various forms: square, rectangle, triangle, diamond, diagonal, zig-zag and cross. These forms together to form many different models, but never created images. The models vary considerably from one family to another and village to village. Finally, a specific design has been associated with specific locations.

Hardanger applications easy to learn many stitches two basic types. The first is counted thread embroidery very simple points that can be modified slightly or very interesting combination shapes to create designs without limits. With the endless discussions or cutting embroidery work, which led to a striking effect!

appears often:

* Reasons Diamond triangular square and timing

* Satin embroidered rectangular blocks (apples kloster) and other forms

* The work done Hilo in the form of points with four sides

* Point Cable

* Password

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