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Does anyone out there have sewing magazines of the 1970s to the 1980s? I need a certain rhythm.

The model I'm looking for is called "Stitch cross-stitch sweater." Cross Stitch "is the model point, not embroidered. The trend is toward the back of the store. Mrs. photo wearing a white, and I think it is sitting. I do not remember the year the magazine, the trend is in. I think it's the late 70's to early 80's editions. Submit your question here, these people know all about the magazine and probably could help you.

How to find cross stitch competitions

Cross stitch is certainly a popular pastime. Many craft stores especially online offer competitions to win free cross stitch kits, patterns or materials. Each cross stitch addict, wants to apply to all competitions that point cross, you can get lucky and win! The question is how to find cross-stitch all these competitions.

There are not many magazines cross on the market that run contests or sweepstakes in all subjects. Circulation magazines on a monthly basis and usually there is another contest or sweepstakes in each issue. This is the world of cross stitch, cross stitch crazy nails of the Cross and most of all magazines in the United Kingdom in cross stitch. To implement the instructions of the journal. Most will need to submit a postcard with your name and address. Some will accept registrations by e-mail as well - this option will save money on stamps and postage.

Another way is to search the Internet, go to the main line Search engines such as Google or Yahoo and search for cross stitch competitions, or gifts. There are online stores that gifts to test their products. Aonther simple go to the sites of the competition and see if there is a section with crafts Cross stitch gifts contest. Just search Google or Yahoo for competitions free.

Make sure you read the rules for the implementation of the competition. Probably can participate only once, someone else will have age restrictions or country. Read their rules before applying.

Take a chance to win a gift and applied in many contests or sweepstakes as possible. Do not cost you a second class stamp in most cases without charge if it is applied in competitions e-mail.

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