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Down syndrome?

What kind of visual aid would be good for babies born with Down syndrome, I'm sewing a quilt Cross and if you want to use the best colors, shapes or designs for the new baby due in a few months?

black and white works very well, and colors bright primary. adhere to geometric forms, for a baby. If you want to make the quilt for when the child is in the cross-stitch things that are around of the house like animals, trucks, dolls, flowers ... things to see the baby every day. reason why I say it contributes to the voice and recognition. Another idea would be to add things in the quilt itself, such as rattles, toy keys, things that have different textures. Children are sometimes be in touch defense of the DS (which you can not feel certain textures) enlisting children get used to different textures from the beginning a great help!

Your cross stitch is done, and now?

This was a couple of months since we began the exciting journey the beginning of their first, second, tenth, or the project in cross stitch. This has been a wonderful journey from beginning to end of treatment, to see the beginning one point x for a masterpiece of art glorious.

So the question that strikes. Now what I do with it? Most Nail Cross simply send their works to the structure of distribution and with a bit of mental prayer does not screw it up, cross stitch is framed and ready to hang. I must admit that I was suspended all my work. Even I have a wall solely dedicated My point to cross.

But there are other things you might consider doing so. Here are 7 of my fun and creative ideas on how to proceed will have completed your project. Please note that all the ideas depends on the size of their employers.

1. Make a quilt.

Make small small patterns and sew them all together in a large piece of fabric, make a beautiful mosaic stitches "> Item model Croix.

2. Do tablecloth.

floral border designs cross stitch is ideal for runners. Forget buying a commercial network. Show your customers by making one of your own!

3. Coasters

Another favorite for guests are Russian mountains. Cross Stitch at least 6 models the same section and add lace around them to transform this mountain in a little girly or just do not use mixed-Montagnes ready Aida When you finish the sewing.

4. Cushion Covers

Although many ready-title = "mattresses can join" sewing cushion "covers for power, you should not use it to make large-cross-stitch cushions. If you have any standard mattress covers by hand, it Just sew your designs cross stitch on them.

5. wallpaper border

This is interesting. You can cross-stitch patterns Floral and alphabets in long strips of Aida and then paste it onto a blank wall to encourage your baby's room. It is an alternative to a wallpaper and would certainly be something that your baby likes to play when he began to experiment with textures.

6. Pencil case or bag

This is not a difficult project to do. Just a half-point to larger room and the only Aida so that when the time later, the design is centered in the middle. Of course, this depends entirely on you. You can even predict that there are two models on both sides. You Just then sew the corners and add a zipper up. And what did she have a good hand bag or a box of crayons?

7. Chief Band

If you have a small square dot pattern Cross in effect become a gang leader. Simply connect a small piece of elastic band to connect the point Cross extremes. And then, it is ideal to hold your hair back!

Get more ideas with our craftsmen can assemble title = "The Art of Stitch 'point of> art.

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