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Custom Framing vs. DIY (cross stitch)?

With all the great information online, it's really worth the extra price for a custom framed piece? How much would it be? I made a "8.5 x 11 'cross-stitch sampler, I would give as a gift Weddings and I wish you good you can! Thanks for the help! Thanks to everyone for your help! The pressure will decrease the hobby and let the professionals handle it. 🙂

Unless you are very, very experienced in the design of things, be a professional and is framed. A professional will present the work properly, mate to mate and double, and all sorts of other things. You have invested much time and effort on a piece that big. He deserves to be framed correctly. It will be expensive, but will always be expensive.

How to create your own sampler Cross-Stitch

A cross-stitch sampler is an example of this charming art that has existed for almost as long as their cross-stitch. It is a decorative piece of work designed to display an amazing variety of motifs, alphabets, and points, which shows the capacity of the stapler and creativity. Samplers are "busy" patterns with their variety of colors and elements which, when well designed, perfectly combined in a common theme.

But many fans without cross stitch you some aspects of some samples, but in reality you can not find one that matches what they do. If you're one of those people, then you might consider make your own cross-stitch sampler. Although the task may seem daunting, is not as difficult as it seems.

samplers Use Pre-Made
The best way to make a compilation of their own is to use a pre-designed sampler and just change a few elements, such as color, you can substitute your own colors for those listed in the model. It may also be able to change certain words or Small design features.

However, if your need is in the design elements, you can use a combination of pre-designed samples. Internet Shopping and local craft store. You can take some of the best aspects of the models for them in your own sampler. You can this task in a variety of ways.

To compile their own models, the models can be photocopied and then copy and paste on a sheet of paper, start with a true account of his employer. You may have to fill in some blanks and make some adjustments. You can also take a piece graph paper and copy for each design that you want to create your own set of elements in the profile of cross stitch.

Create your own from scratch
Although the use of other elements in the model of cross stitch is a way to go, too You can create your own from scratch. You may decide that you want to draw your own sampler. If you're new cons-point filters, you may need to do some research first to see how the designers have incorporated other elements that you want to use in your own sampler. One way to begin is to use graph paper and colored pencils to construct a sampler that shows his talent and creativity. If you want become more advanced in the design of the sampling of its own cross-stitch, also buy software that lets you create using your computer.

Using computer programs
Some Cross stitch samplers want their articles to come from photos or images which have been granted. In the past, it would have been a challenge to convert photos to cross stitch patterns. Today, however, there several available software good, even match the colors you are considering with brands of silk. This makes the process easier, and requires no effort Crafts go to the store to find your colors. In addition, you can adjust the size of your sampler to meet their needs to see how big or small your sampler will be used different fabrics cross stitch.

These same computer programs that allow you to create stitch patterns Cross also allow you to convert digital photos and images for employers who can use their samplers. However, remember that a sampler is just that: a sampler. You need to show a little of everything you can do, so keep the images small part of the image.

Following the above tips you will soon have a magnificent showcase for the stapler to be proud. A sampler to demonstrate their capabilities creative and unique talents in cross stitch.

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