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I found these cute Belk scholarship today. I do not know who they are and therefore can find on the Internet. They come in many different colors. Like gold, purple, blue, etc, are small pieces of charms separate them, like the zipper. It looked like a hobo style, but was not sure. They had a metal crown hanging in front and had the name of Kathy. Everyone knows who and what type is it?

Kathy Van Zeeland, I love these bags!

Egyptian Jewelry â € "the eternal beauty

The story of the first Egyptian jewelry dating back to about 4500 a. C. in the region of El-Badari. Figures varieties found only jewelry museum in order to confirm the progress of the best traditions the art of jewelry throughout the period of the Pharaohs, Greco-Roman, and others for 3000 years of successive dynasties.

reflects historic treasures of Egypt powerful religious feelings of the ancient Egyptians, whose lengths of jewelry had grounds for the insect, which means that the symbols of rebirth and other indications of the origin of religion. As we know, the ancient Egyptians had a strong belief in an afterlife. Therefore, always pharaohs were buried with their worldly possessions and their personal jewelry. Jewellery Museum reveals the use Bronze ornaments made of an alloy of gold and silver, with traces of copper, precious stones and, surprisingly, glass. This was perhaps because the stones have been more difficult to work. The proof is the use of glazes and rich colors, more gems as quartz and lapis lazuli.

Museum Treasures of Ancient Egypt comes in the form of earrings, the crowns, brooches and girdles. Home daily use articles made of gold jewelry have also been buried with the mummified kings and their queens. Todai € ™ s market for online jewelry sites designed from title = "Egyptian Jewelry"> Jewelry Egyptian items. You can buy a silver necklace garnet gold 22k gold or silver bracelet beetles. Some of these date back to the time of Nefertiti, Cleopatra and Tutankhamen. There are replicas of Ankh pendants and Thebesâ € ™ s crown jewels dating from 3000 BC. There is a very attractive real necklace with gold plated chain.

There is another beautiful silver charm Sterling suggestive of a figure in the celebration thatâ € ™ s also a sign of fertility. Then there are the pendants earrings famous in Sterling Silver Ankh Ankh also sterling silver with 22 carat gold gilding. You can order a necklace dating Dashur Egyptian Middle Kingdom or a charm bracelet exotic Egypt.

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