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Representations of lung cancer accounts .. Pearl (poem glass)?

I am a bracelet awareness for lung cancer members of my family, Id like to put a poem Lil what each color represents the heel. Does anyone have any ideas about these ... White Pearl ... Crystal Clear ... Sapphire (color Mothers FSV ).... DK Ruby (red) (DADS favorite color), any help would be appreciated I am not very good with words but I'm very creative .... ahh I found, the metaphysical meaning ... Clear - Strength and Vitality Amethyst is the stone of spirituality and dreams

if you say no, I'll have a go:)

Semi-precious beaded jewelry making

Creating jewelry with beads is a fun hobby and rewarding. Semi-precious beads are an ideal way to produce special, meaningful and long lasting work of jewelry design. There are many types of gemstone beads, but most Popular jewelry listed below. Read complete information about the properties, appearance and how best to use these special accounts to make a necklace, earrings or bracelet.


Agate accounts tend to be available in red and black, and often shows surprising white band marks. Agate yellow and green are less frequent, but are very popular because of its vibrant colors. Agate is ideal for striking coins and is often available in larger sizes of accounts that contain balls of fabulous necklaces. Try using black and red agate with an impressive contrast. Make sure that the tapes of the accounts noted for plain beads.

Amethyst Beads

Amethyst makes beautiful beads in varying shades of purple. One account of amethyst quality are top quality display clarity and beautiful color, same. Accounts Low-amethyst may display some degree of cloudiness and the natural inclusions.

A large stone jewelry, amethyst is often available in different sizes of round beads, chips, precious stones, fell nuggets and faceted grains. These accounts looks fabulous, just spaced silver spacer beads. Swarovski crystal beads are available in a shade of amethyst, which adds a real glamorous jewelry designs amethyst. Pearls contrast purple with green to make jewelry more dynamic.

Fluorite Beads

Fluorite is a gem People who are usually green and violet in color. Dyes can be dark or light colored, and each one grain can vary individually.

Fluorite Pendants are a popular subject for jewelry. These can be combined with grains of fluorite, hanging from a simple string for a simple and effective, but matched with a stone that brings out the color purple or green in the pendant. He better not try to dominate the natural beauty of fluorite, which may be subtle.

Jasper Pearls

Jasper beads and pendants vary greatly in color and appearance. However, Jasper is generally recognized for his excellent model and complicated. Types of jasper, jasper Picasso as marked as unusual is seen as having been painted.

By creating jewelry with beads of jasper or pending, it is preferable to match a colored stone, silver or gold cord as too busy fighting with beautiful patterns in the jasper.

Quartz Beads

Quartz is also known as crystal, as is evident in appearance. Grains of transparent quartz are useful in the space between the structure of grain as better or not fight in jewelry design. Accounts Faceted quartz trap light perfectly.

Another popular type of rose quartz is quartz. Soft, pale pink in color, Rose Stone Quartz is a very romantic. Use rose quartz with silver beads creates jewelry that is wonderfully simple and sophisticated.

Using semi-precious beads for jewelry making is a fantastic way to make a personal donation of a loved one. They can even be used to make key chains, bag charms, charms and more mobile pohon. If you have not started making jewelry and accessories with semi-precious "> semi-precious pearls, then I recommend you Have a go!

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