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Gemstone Beads

By: Reuel Crook

Gemstone is a term used to describe encompasses a wide variety of minerals used accounts for jewelry and ornaments. Gemstones can be classified as precious stones or semi-precious stones. precious stones, pearls are often treated to improve sustainability and / or color.

Semi precious stone beads come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They tend to be polite and faceted donut-shaped, without form or chips. They can be very costly in terms of size of stone, and yet the chips are ready drilled and cheap.
There are different qualities of gemstones and the color can vary greatly. The following are some examples of the most precious stones popular

Turquoise is a semi precious stone. Turquoise, which has captured the imagination of man for centuries. It ranges color of sky blue to green and is a vibrant light blue stone often seen in southwestern jewelry. The price is reasonable and ethnic Middle East.
Bead Game are purple, lilac and purple quartz. The highest quality is transparent. Amethyst is a purple gemstone affordable.

Agate beads are made of agate. Agate a variety of Chalcedon bands clearly, a variety of quartz stones composed of layers of quartz, sometimes in different colors. When bands Concentric (often rather wild models) is called by the name of subvaritey "agate." When you are in flat layers and bands is called by the name of submanifold "Onyx". It occurs in most colors and several types of agate. The most common are: blue agate, moss agate, tree agate and petrified wood.
Malachite beads are a beautiful green color of the background color with black bands.

Quartz (rock crystal) balls are made of precious stones of the most common variety of quartz crystal. Like all quartz, which is composed of two elements most abundant in the crust Land: silicon and oxygen. Quartz is colorless and transparent. It is also known as rock crystal. "Other colors of quartz have names special features such as rose quartz (pink or peach), Citrine (yellow or lemon), and amethyst (violet or purple). It is popular for its properties curative.
Opal Pearls are generally white, bright light flashes red or black, emit colored light. Opal is related to their most frequently found quartz crystals, but highly crystalline cousins and agate, and is formed from amorphous "balls" or lumps "of silica rather than order, naturally faceted. The most striking quality of opal is its ability to refract and reflect specific wavelengths of light. In fact, the term "opalescence" was coined to describe this phenomenon. The interaction of these wavelengths of light Opal provides a unique visual appeal and pure makes it one of the most sought after pearls in the world.

Onyx beads are made of a rich future, affordable black stone called Onyx, which also comes in brown, white and gray. Onyx is very similar to Agate: it has straight bands of brown lines, while Agatha curly white or black, many colors. Often mixed with pearls to create elegant jewelry.

jade beads are especially appreciated for its color and free of cracks. Jade must have a big "appearance when polished. The colors range from shades of green, yellow, red, black and white. Lavender Jade is the most popular and the rarest forms of the stone.

Tiger Eye Beads are black spots of iron oxide that gives golden yellow stripes and brown. Tiger Eye stone is a type of quartz glistening. In general, you will not find Tiger's Eye facets. This stone is often called "Tiger Eye" or simply "Tiger Eye.

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