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I need crafts ideas for christmas!?

I want to make my family crafts for christmas-but im out of ideas! HELP!

1. Beads or colored ditalilni pasta strung on elastic thread for bracelets. You can add fasteners or not.
2. Quarter-sized rounds of heavy or water-color paper glued to earring backs. Before gluing, decorate the rounds with art (colored pens, water colors, even stickers), then spray lightly with a fixative such as Krylon Matte Finish or Crystal Clear Glaze.
3. Papier-mache, cinnamon-dough, or salt-dough "objects" glued to pin backs. If you use salt dough, remember that it is relatively heavy, so press it as thin as you can and retain the shape. Use tiny cookie cutters, cookie molds, household objects, whatever you like for patterns. Spray with fixative before gluing.

First make the pompoms, then use them to make:
1. Luggage IDs (two pompoms with a chenille stick to fasten them to luggage or a crocheted chain to tie them to luggage)
2. Book marks (a large and a small pompom with a crocheted chain between them)
3. Key-ring identifiers (Fasten a pompom to a key ring to give a woman--it makes keys easy to find by feel in a large purse).
4. Pins or earrings in school colors.
5. Big ones for a toss game for small kids (use recycled yogurt-drink containers with the tops cut off for smaller pompoms, write a point value on the side with durable marker, and fasten 3 or 6 together; use soda bottles or even detergent bottles for larger pompoms)

It's easy if you have access to even simple photo software to create with photos:
1. Print on transfer paper, then iron onto tee-shirts, aprons, vests, book covers, quilt squares, pillow cases, any fabric. You can do one or any number (for a different look).
2. Create a collage of photos and print and frame the page.
3. Print photos for scrapbook pages.
4. Crop and enlarge a favorite photo, then have it printed at a print shop into poster size.
5. And then there are mouse pads, coffee mugs, and so on.

A Christmas to remember

I loved my grandmother almost as long as my memory is good. She taught me how to load a dishwasher, sheets placed on a bed straight to organize a house, kitchen, etc. There was a Christmas, however, pointed out in my memories. It was the Christmas my grandmother taught me the patience to do crafts. Grandma making scrapbooking serious high, but its development is legendary.

Travel on the river and through the woods that accurately describes going home to my grandmother this year in particular. I was 9 years old and Christmas is celebrated every promise in the world to me. After 10 hours in the car with 3 other brothers I was ready to go out and enjoy the scene Winter set before me at my grandparents' house.

On entering the house, the smell of cookies and bread to meet my nose. There nothing like the smell of homemade ... especially the grandmother. The table is what struck me so that day. Defining children we were ruby red, emerald green and crystal beads. The grandmother explained that he wanted us to learn to make Christmas decorations for the tree. At any time with the grandmother was deeply "precious" time, and I desperately wanted to start.

For hours, the grandmother sitting with me and my brothers and accounts has helped us in our son. We made candy, stars, bells, etc. Each ornament was Single designed by our own hand. When he finally completed our task, we placed the ornaments on the Christmas tree and lights. I can still imagine the small ornaments to this day. The color of light bursting through the accounts has been nothing less than magical.

We have not had much property materials as Christmas, but whatever. We had a grandmother who took the trouble to spend quality time with us. As I'm sitting with my two kids now and think this winter day so long, I can not stop Try a little harder. Take the time to development with children, teaching them to use their hands and imagination is priceless. Show them how to invent and create various crafts and projects will in its development. Life has seemed a bit faster and it is difficult to get away from distractions every day that we face. For me is a return to basics. It is time to give my children their own memories to smile fondly in years to come.

About the Author

Author Jennifer Stevens remember her sweet time of Christmas with her grandparents. She said my grandmother was my idolized. She has taught me how to organize a household, cook, etc, and how to make Christmas crafts. She wanted to teach us how to make Christmas ornaments for the tree. For more information on free sewing patterns, free crochet hat patterns, visits


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