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What is my style? Jehovah's Witnesses. :)?

favorite colors: black and blue Favorite stores: Arden, stitches, a small business Favorite urban footwear: shoes of champions, (look for a different style soon), and warm days with a pair of black sandals with crystal designs, I think lol. favorite accessories: earrings in gold. * Rings *. Soon Hobbies: swimming, piano tops favorites: spaghetti straps, with a nice sweater (usually a color dark) to complete the look .. Pinned: jeans (commercial areas), label = bongos and flared leg. Favorite hairstyle: down, in general, with few side bang. Even hairdays if I have good and bad lol. Thanks!

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Styles sophisticated bridesmaid

Who says bridesmaids have to look like a row of cupcakes pink? If his aides are more mature or a bit more chic, it may not be too happy with a pink organza dress for your wedding. Fortunately, there are fabulous styles for bridesmaids sophisticated that even the most fashionable women will be happy to wear.

Many bridesmaid dresses market, while beautiful, it is difficult to imagine a group a few more participants. As more women wait until their 30s to tie the knot, which means that many of her bridesmaids will be more than a 20-something for which most forms of bridesmaid were designed. Fortunately, there are some here that the designers have stepped up to fill the difference, whether that specialize in clothing girl's dresses Honorary just the special occasion.

Color plays an important role in the manufacture of Honor dress appear to be sophisticated. The pastel colors, all pretty and popular, are generally not very sophisticated. rich tones like brown or black, will be much chic. In the right group of participants, bright colors like bright orange or chartreuse can also be very hip, especially in the cup proper.

Look for styles that are as modern what your friends are chosen for a cocktail. A trend in vogue at the moment is the one shoulder dress. This can be created under a chiffon fabric, like a Greek goddess effect (perfect for a summer wedding) or a more formal fabric like satin that old Hollywood glamor. Either way, it is elegant and is definitely the trend, and you feel your bridesmaids, it is breaking.

Another great idea is to allow each bridesmaid dress as individuals. In many ways, is the height of sophistication. After all, your friends are not clones, why they dress like your marriage? Allow each of her bridesmaids to express their unique style is sure to make everyone feel more beautiful. For get a sense of visual harmony of your wedding group, Choose a color family (it should not be an exact shade), and ask each woman to choose her favorite dress in that tone.

The finishing touches are also entitled can make your wedding look more (or less) complex. Dyed to match shoes are definitely not hip or modern. A better idea is that every woman in honor of choosing a pair of shoes very similar to her dress, especially if each operator has chosen her dress clean. If in doubt, sandals naked in a metallic color always look great elegant.

Hair and makeup are also important. Bridesmaid Hair modern bulk and disorder, never too "done" research. Insist that all "clean wear the same hairstyle is definitely in vogue. Remember that your bridesmaids are individuals, not a group of singers! Let them confidence to go up pretty looking with minimal instruction. If you want to have fun with makeup, you can program a makeup artist come the morning of his wedding to make everyone look glamorous.

The final touch is the perfect jewelry sets bridesmaid. Works as long "Needle" until the hip and modern look, especially when made by hand using interesting elements Cube Swarovski crystals. Another look is the hot sets of bridesmaid jewelry that were created from fat 'or' open form crystals. These are all jewelry bridesmaid in what their friends like to run for a night on the town. With sophisticated accessories, Your bridesmaids are sure to surprise your wedding!

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