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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Cut Emboss Set products and information here meets your needs.

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How can i create a shiny effect?

So i have to do a load of artist studies for college and i was just wondering if anyone knew of any Inventive ways to Create a shiny, plastic look on a painting/drawing ? Salvador Dali is my first study and it's a melting face but it's Shiney like it's dripping paint. how could i re-create it?

Step 1 - Create the Base

Heat up a new canvas and adjust the following settings (indicated in yellow) in the image below. The rest should be default. You might want to double check the default values ​​too.

Create a new layer called "button"

It is a layer of "Button", select the rounded rectangle tool

give it a radius of 7px

and draw a rectangle like the image below.

Step 2 - Red Button

Right-click Blending Options for 'Button' layer

and change the following settings

Drop Shadow

Inner Shadow

Bevel and Emboss

Gradient Overlay

Your button should look like

Step 3 - creating a shimmering effect

Create a new layer called 'glass'

Choose retangular selection tool, make sure to select "button" layer. Hold key and click on the layer thumbnail 'Buttons' s. Your button should now be highlighted.

Button "glass" Now select the class key with the Marquee tool selected retangular. Draw (cut) through the lower half of the button as in the image below.

Fill the selected area with white # FFFFFF with the Paint Bucket tool

Set the opacity to 18%

and you must have the shiny button that looks like this.

Step 4 - Pattern Overlay

Give the button some slight pattern overlay. I will use the personal stripe5px created earlier. Click here to read "How to create custom templates." Create a new layer called "model" between "buttons" and "glass" and proceed with Blending Options.

Select Pattern Overlay, choose Stripe5px (or any pattern you have created) and click OK to close the dialog.

Make sure you are still rectangular selection tool, hold down the Button and click the layer thumbnail to get the shape buttons. Fill the selected area, the level of "pattern" of the paint bucket tool and adjust the layer opacity to 5%

Step 5 - Adding Text

I will take a random text in color with white # FFFFFF following parameters

and the effects on the mixed layer according to my text.


Step 6 - Final Output

You should get an image like this.

The ingenuity of estimates of instant printing

In this rapidly changing world, technology has really helped our business and personal affairs implementation easier and more efficient. estimates of printing is one of the many services that have greatly benefited of printers and their customers.

And if, among the many innovations that can be made via the Internet, it is fair to say how a print estimate can also be essentially practical and necessary practice to achieve easy printing online.

Online transactions by printing is fast, easy and reliable due to the combination of all these processes. Therefore, you can design, print and send your print projects across the comfort of your home or office.

Print technology and online

Today, trade and commerce depend largely Internet companies will likely lose a leg or two, without the use of computers. Not only e-commerce has also made for the convenience and cost effectiveness between clients and contractors.

Using the product description, sampling, and estimates instant printing, you can do a show and advertising business quietly and efficiently without unnecessary expense.

Estimates printing costs

• Printing Instant Quotes or estimates can instantly compare prices and features through several windows of different products and services.

• It also increases competition between firms such as estimates Printing does not leave enough time for consumers to consider other expenses - with the right product and price, the transaction is closed immediately.

• For individual projects, a simple step to go into details such as size, paper type, quantity, response time instantly calculates and estimates the color printing. Each time a document is written in different specifications, a different picture is manifest.

• However, with Among the latter, the estimates are not final print - only serve as a basis for a standard project. This is a reference that can work and do not include taxes or shipping.

• At this stage, do not think for a minute to print estimates have hidden fees or additional charges. It will only be charged if you purchase printing services, such as shipping or postal service, which have not been included in the original estimate.

• Other than these, the estimates also varied printing the tax rate sales and handling, always and, if necessary.

• To customize the projects or those that require different specifications of the standard list of options, printing estimates are prepared in 1-2 hours. For more ideas, assistance may also request a one-cons- member of the sales staff, get a free tasting and even test all at once.

• There are also special work, such as punching, stamping, welding and debossing leaves that are not easy to understand forecasts instant print.

estimates is an innovative printing revolutionary built by companies to offer a printing service to complete customer detail all expenses since the beginning of a project.

Print estimates shipped directly to customers, especially if the print has the manpower and equipment necessary the perceived need to do the job. All the elements you need a project must always be in print estimates to receive an accurate quote.

Once again, it is important to remember that estimates are based on the impression of a fixed set of specifications. In case of changing specifications, the project will be quoted in any event before the start of production. And so, to obtain more accurate estimates details can be obtained in your hands and know what it means to have a complication rate, time efficient and profitable online printing.

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