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Is it free and simple software that can edit (cut) the contents of an MP3 file of time?

I have an MP3 file and want to cut about 7 hours. 10 pieces of content in multiple places. For example, I cut all the contents of 04min: 30sec to 09min: 45sec and so on. I do not want no dead air, I want this data segment to leave if the file is shorter period of time after the change. Thanks for any input.

Hey friend, u dont need to download anything. Just use Windows Movie Maker. Import a file as mp3 and split the piece being cut. Then add the selected part of the timeline and save the video file ... ended with a wma file .. Then use the entire drive (my favorite is the Xilisoft Video Converter) and convert this file into parts small mp3 ... There! Good luck ...

The traditional Chinese culture - Cut paper

Paper Cutting (jiǎn zhǐ) can be seen in many parts of China during Day Spring. patterns of people paste it into the window, door (men MEI) or offices for the festive atmosphere.

It is difficult to say when it started. To say that the origin of religious ceremony or offering sacrifices. The ancient people cut parts of animals or people. They or those who are buried with the dead or burned at funerals, wishing things that the base paper to be with the dead. A thousand years ago, cut paper used for decoration. According to historical books, the women of the Tang Dynasty (Tang Chao) cut the paper used as a headdress. In the Song Dynasty, was the decoration donations. People stuck in the windows or doors, or used as decoration on the walls, mirrors or lamps. Some people earn their living by it.

cut paper everything is handmade. It is easy to learn the basics (Men Ru). Artisans not only need a knife and paper. For the artists who need scissors and knives of various types to make complex patterns. It may be a piece of paper or several pieces. models Simple can be cut with a knife. For complicated reasons, people first paste the pattern onto the paper and then used various types of knives do. No error can be made during the process otherwise the work would be a failure.

cut paper covers almost all subjects, flowers, birds, animals, legendary characters, characters from classic novels, types of makeup of Peking Opera. cut paper has several styles in different parts China.

In the past, women who live in countries met in their free time to cut the paper, which is a means of assessing their ability. As society develops, people are less and less to learn this trade, even if there are some who still regard it as a profession. Currently there are plants and associations to cut the paper in China. Exhibitions and trade are conducted regularly and these books are published. cut the paper has changed a type of decorative art. At the same time cut paper, also appears in cartoons, on stage, in magazines or on television.

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