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What website has paper figurines to cut out as featured on adult swim on cartoon network?

They had a few spots during the past few weeks where they plugged some site where you can print a page of paper, cut it out and it would look like a doll or figurine. I can't find it on their website, and thought this would be a good place to ask. Thanks.

Shape And Cutting Styles Of Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstones receive different cuts for many different reasons. Sometimes, it's done to enhance the appeal of a particular setting. Other times, it's purely a practical cut to remove damaged areas of the stone. There are dozens of ways a gem can be cut, although only a handful are extremely common.

A cabochon is a gem that has been cut, smoothed and polished due to surface irregularities. Because they do not have facets like other cuts, they typically don't appear to shine as much. They may also be cloudier inside. Some gems, such as star sapphires, are cut into cabochons because the cut displays their natural qualities best. You'll typically see this cut in an oval shape, on flat backed pendants.

The round cut is arguably the most popular gem cut. It's considered to be the most flattering cut for near perfect gems. Often, round cuts will be called "brilliants", a term that refers to a perfectly symmetrical cone shape meant to provide the most illumination through the gem. This cut is a favorite for diamonds, and gems cut this way are especially popular in rings.

The square cut is a symmetrical cut that resembles a square. Usually, these cut have flat, instead of pointed, corners. Several facets are cut on the sides, and the top is raised, flat and identical in shape to the outer corners of the gem. The square cut is widely used for emeralds.

Despite the name, the emerald cut is not most popular among emeralds. This rectangular cut is popular for diamonds with high clarity. Because of the cut of the edges, this cut allows much light to enter and refract in the gem.

The oval cut is similar to the round cut, but it used for less perfect gems. This is because the oval shape visually masks superficial flaws that the round cut would showcase. The round cut is exceptionally popular in rings, as longer ovals appear to elongate fingers.

Similar to the oval, the pear or teardrop cut is an elongated version of the round cut. One end of the gem is rounded, while the other is gently pointed. The pear cut can come in different lengths depending upon the application. Like the oval, it is popular in rings, and is also a favorite for dramatic earrings.

The heart shape is growing in widespread popularity. It is unique in its ability to be set in nearly any type of jewelry, but the rounded corners can be unflattering to less perfect gems. Heart shaped gems are particularly popular as symbols of love, such as for Valentine's Day or anniversary gifts.

Give each cut a fair chance when you make a selection. Each has its own benefits, draw backs and charm, and you can never be sure just how it will look without seeing the particular gem first.
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