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Why not put in plaster walls built with bricks of extraction?

plaster walls are perfectly into the brick mold table. But it is the same for the thread of brick. The deal does not work, as it does in the brick mold table. It would be nice if someone can help. Thank you.

do anything moisture content, you need to wet bricks first and then apply the plaster, giving a thin layer, then a second, finishing with a top layer that would even suggest, mishandling of the bricks with a wire brush

Build your own set of diamond jewelry Diamonds

More people today a single premium or different, and unique jewelry diamond you make of mobile diamonds that can be found from a large number of jewelers is one of them. You can create fabulous jewelry loose diamonds cut diamonds by creating your own and which are established in the type of setting they want to be in.

The many different cuts of diamonds

He called Diamonds diamonds, because they are pre-cut, not yet been set in jewelry. They loose diamonds that you can choose can be transformed into beautiful Jewelry own design or a design that has seen and like you. Different sections are in these diamonds can be combined to create unique pieces all yours or you can even combined with other semi-precious jewels and create a colorful and different piece of jewelry like no other. Some pieces of diamonds may have been more popular in different types of jewelry

Round diamonds: They are probably the most common of all cuts are still considered the brightest and most elegant in its simplicity. Round loose diamonds often reflect more light some of their counterparts in others because of how the diamond is cut and shape, which reflects light back evenly the stone. You can use this type of cut diamonds in bulk, earrings, rings, pendants and bracelets. From round diamonds gives this versatile and simple adds elegance can be established only in a piece of jewelry, and would still look good.

Emerald: These rectangular mobile diamonds are often used in jewelry for men. You can see these pieces as cufflinks and tie pins diamonds. Loose diamonds cut in this way can also be used in jewelry for women, but considerations Careful design must be taken to make the room look very feminine and ladylike for a woman to wear. This can be achieved combination of rock, one with a few other gems such as rubies or sapphires to give the jewelry a little color and women.

Radiant Diamond cut diamond, square radiant cut loose as can also be used for jewelry for men or in combination with other feminine forms of diamond jewelry or placed in an environment prepared for the same reason.

Oval Cut Diamonds: Another popular type of court diamonds, diamonds loose in a glass oval is often a choice for women for various jewelry designs they may have. Although not as bright or as impressive as the diamond rings, oval cut may be enough to see when it is set in the type of establishment or in combination with the right kind of jewelry.

Odd-shaped diamond of other forms are also very popular as mobile diamonds that include irregularly shaped, diamond shaped like a pear or a drop of water that make earrings and pendants only look good, diamond-shaped heart that sometimes come in shades of pink color, diamond marquis cut which are often used in rings and earrings, and billion diamond cutting is in fact the form of triangles.

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