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I'm doing an album with magazines / pictures of me and my friends / family. What are good magazines to use?

I want to buy magazines cutting and use letters to write, and I want a lot of cool / interesting photos. I have 17 years of age by the way, so not Better Homes & Gardens what I'm looking for.

Good Housekeeping? Just kidding! LOL Why not go to a place that sells magazines and look through some to see what you want. You will see what is available in this way, and can make a better choice. I do not know what your definition of "cool / interesting" Because of this, and I am far 17, so I do not know what is there for your age group. Sounds like a fun project though! Scrapbooking is a great thing, then you will find some crisp documents and other items in the section of fans to the stores, too! Have fun doing it!

Scrapbooking Illustrated verses hand die die

This last Christmas, my husband bought me a personal machine cutting red. I was so exited! I'm really into scrapbooking and love to use cuts. I buy my diecuts a website called Do not Die Ugly. But I just do my own would be fun. Well, last week I left all my scrapbooking supplies and decided to go to work. I have over a year back and has lots of pictures to scrapbook. My cutting machine has been set up and ready for all creativity and matrices cute I would. I made my first homepage Scrapbook and decided to die rather snowflake would be a great job with my photos.

I can choose the color of the card without acid, I wanted to use, and began to work with my punching machine. It took some time to decide what the cartridge was the snowflake most beautiful death. Then I attached my book Ratings acid-free paper and cut firmly on the mat, then cut the piece corresponding to layers.

Then I had to stick both fists pieces together. Hmm, the punch snowflake is super sensitive. The parties very thin die. The only thing that I used in my albums are acid-free glue sticks. So I went out and started the laborious task of trying keep the adhesive on the back of the matrix. It took me 10 minutes to make my first snowflake is stamped by 2 inches!

I am a person who sits and make my album, an average of 18 pages or more in a day. But today, because I used my cutting machine that only 6 pages are created. I was so disappointed. I felt like I lost my day and I was not happy with the way my reduction was handmade. Paste had misrepresented the following parts of my favorite super thin and my message to be dirty. I even ran to the store and bought a glue stick that could be applied in thinner areas of the cut. Yet in some regions of the Adhesive die cut still filtered.

The pages I do are generally fast, easy and very cute! Unwilling to abandon my home machine cut me so fast Hopefully more. He concluded that a personal stamping machine is not a perfect tool scrapbooking. It is fun to use for special things, birthday cards and school projects for my children. But for scrapbooking fast and productive is a nuisance.

I went back to my "usual technique scrapbooking. "Die Cuts! Cuts illustrated die are SO cute Thanks! All you need to do is put off, put a few bumps in the tail back and ready to go! I know there are some out there that scrapbookers love to take hours and hours to make one page, and I tip my hat to them. But I have two children and lots and lots of images to be scrapbooker. I love my albums, it is very fun to see the fun times my family has had together and how things have changed.

For me it is very important to keep in place. I decided that I prefer pre-made dies illustrates . Your Blog Spot shows how fun and easy to use your diecuts. We also have holes that are not difficult to use, that is, if you know how to use scissors! They also have cuts that come with these pictures are fun to play. cutting heads and mini-die are also a good way to end a scrapbook page. For Me, my new motto is: "Blessed scrapbookers use Die!" and I am a scrapper Happy Go visit their website and become a scrapper "Happy" as well.

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No Ugly Die Cuts is a growing internet business dedicated to keeping Scrapbooking simple and inexpensive. Visit our blogspot for fast simple ways to put your scrapbooking pages together.


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