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Guillotine for Paper Art, try to find the "right for me?

I am in the craft of paper, often I have to have compensation (CUT) of paper at right angles. I have one of these network leaders in it, hope it will help cut squarely. Well, yes, but more hard and slow, it takes a long time, not too accurate. I am thinking of buying a cutter, such as those used for scrapbooking. Prices are around like $ 40sth. It is measured in inches. And what are the cut drag '"(by the insurance to the children why?). But I am not a child and I think" chop is useful for me. (Some of my role is soft and can not be cut by "dragging" motion) ******************************* *** ************************************* So does anyone know where I can get a mower CHOP Cut Paper, measuring one centimeter network? How much does it cost? (Average?) I love British Columbia, Canada. *************************************** ******************************** I have no credit card or master card, so you can buy anything online.

I have a Carl Rotary Trimmer - 12 "because so much paper is now 12x12. I think Rotary Cutter is far superior to a chop cutter or a sliding door. Cut accurately even if you cut a pile of papers, the leaves are crisp and easy to replace when they become dull, and can choose from a variety of leaves if you want an edge special - almost as much as scissors, but easier to store. I had no problem with Carl and my straight blade lasted 3 years of frequent use. Here There is a link to the trimmer / catalog cut at the site of Carl. Choose the style and price you want. I think they have one centimeter grid for sale all over the world. Http: / / For online ordering, check with your local office supply craft store or hobby /. If dealing with Cutters Carl Trimmers /, should be able to special order of the model # of Your Choice. Good Luck!

Christmas Cards Stitched with love

With everything you do during the holiday season, you probably have not thought much about making Christmas cards home. cards from home need not be difficult or too long to do. With a couple of pieces of Paper Scrapbooking, cards, and the Sewing Machine, perhaps surprised your family and your friends with your creative holiday cards. I've included below the instructions for two different designs easy.


Green plaid paper targets Scrapbook
scraps of coordinating Green Paper
Red card
Cutter paper
Glue Stick
Sewing machine
Green Sewing
gold embroidery
embroidery needle

Card # 1:

The Green Book of the scrapbook will be verified on the basis of the map. Use Paper Cutter to cut paper to size, card and the paper folded in half to create the map.

The purpose of the card will be a cut Christmas Tree from green Paper Scrapbook. You can use a template if you wish, but I just cut a show of hands for More Than a glance at hand.

Following Cut a piece of red cardstock slightly smaller than the nominal value of the card. Glue green Christmas tree in the center of the red card.

The stitching that follows. Using a needle and thread embroidery of gold, hand sewing a raised star at the top of the Tree Christmas. Using sewing machine green and son to sew, sew the inner edge of the Christmas tree.

piece of adhesive and red cardboard on the center of the front of the card.

Card # 2:

This map is similar in design to the first map. Use the same paper scrapbook of pictures of the base map.

Instead of a tree, cut one large and two small, and stick a side by side.

Use star embroidery thread to sew tops of trees as before. Instead of using the sewing machine sewing inside the Christmas tree, I stitched into the edge of the red card.

Next glue the finished piece of cloth red in the center of the front of the card.

Pictures of the finished card:

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