Cutter Machine

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Cutter Machine

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If you are an avid scrapbooker, you must have one of these machines. They are the last remnants of booking Enthusiast's friend. They work with Only load a cartridge into the system and choose from thousands of possibilities for decorating ideas.

Phrases and borders can be an incredible 11 ½ inches long. The cartridges that you buy for your Cricut machine scrapbooking allows you to choose from over 250 designs. And this is not all. The sizes of drawings are 1 inch to 5 ½ inches.Â

How many people can do their scrap book as enjoyable as you can use This wonderful machine to give you professional results every time? The wide range of letters, shapes, designs and phrases to add to your album is a very valuable book for many years to come.

This is an excellent gift idea for anyone who loves scrapbooking. The slides any document they do is press a button. The machine does the rest. Cricut portability is another impressive feature. It weighs only 7 pounds, which is ideal for taking along on a trip out of town for a few days or a friend who shares his passion.

Another in product family is the cutter Cricut personal electronic has the same dimensions as regular Cricut machine, but the possibility to stop Cut a quarter inch of 11.5 inches. The personal electronic cutter is a blade that can cut eight different ways.

The reductions that we can do so with these eight dicotyledons include, among others, the cuts:


Fit to Page


Center Point

Flip Service

These features are not available in the cutter regular Cricut. Of Improvements have been made are great advantages such as the display has been improved and the design seems much more elegant.

Cricut Expressions is a little larger than the regular Cricut. It was not intended to be portable, like the other two, but instead of staying in a table or in a meeting room. There may be differences in size and ability to take cutting Cricut Expressions with you but they all use the same cartridge size and leaves.

When you need letters, numbers, shapes, or anything else in court for your notebook or what you need for the Cricut Expression is the cutter. The ability to mix and match features in the first cut is one of aspects of this impressive machine.

No need for a computer because all you need is in the cartridge is loaded on the machine. A screen LCD will indicate the direction you are writing and language settings and measures are variable.

If you like scrapbooking and want to get all books in order and establish exactly how you want, we will certainly try one of these machines Reserve Cricut scrap.

Here are more reviews and video as well as a discount on the Cricut Scrapbooking Machine:


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