Cutting System

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Cutting System

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Why I cut the system?

Why do my subs keep cutting 12in when I turn up much. I have a 500Watt amp and I two of 12.? Do I need another amp. or is somthing maybe not in order. thanks please hepatitis

This is an easy task. Your subs arent getting enough Watts Watt Amp and put her out is not enough. This means that we need more amperage. This happened to my friend Josh. bought a 200 rms amp for 2 xxx 12 "subs. if he turned and half would be cut. traded this amp for amp older Alpine with 900 watts RMS mono and 50 dollars and pleanty of power. simply has only one power stage, plus two, or get another amp to power a small submarine and use the power amplifier to another. Hope this helps.

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