Czech Druk Glass

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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Czech Druk Glass products and information here meets your needs.

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clay beads?

hi...i am trying to find websites that offer polymer clay beads....i would like to find a wholesale company...i see so many cute bracelets on ebay with the beads, and i know they are bought somewhere...too many people with the same bead...can someone help me...i have tried so many websites and no luck....looking for minnie, bunnies, kid items

I use a wholesaler called Fire Mountain Gems (, just as you might expect) for a lot of my beads. They have everything from fancy glass and gemstone beads that cost over $20.- each, even in quantity, all the way down to some pretty acrylic beads that come several hundred for a couple of bucks -- plus a nominal shipping fee, of course. They do have polymer beads. Go check it out and see if they have the patterns you want. I know they have the polymer clay beads, but never paid enough attention to them to know exactly what varieties they have.

Their items are quantity-priced. The more things you buy, the lower the price gets. Find a beading buddy who'll share an order with you so you can both get the discounts. I love their faceted glass beads and Czech druk beads. The prices are incredible on these items. Their wire is expensive, though. There are better places to get that, but I've found no better place for the beads.

If you want my other sources, email me. Those are for sterling wire and findings.


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