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Hardening good agent Swarovski crystals?

I am a pair of earrings with ball size 11 Japanese and Czech 4mm Fire Polished Pearl and Swarovski crystals. The gains are fragile and susceptible to collapse on themselves. I've heard that soaking in the ground polsh can help strengthen the design, but nail damage Swarovski crystals? What could tighten the strings? I tried both and Fireline Nymo, but work either. Advice? Thank you.

Without knowing what type of model is used, I'll make some assumptions. Are you using an appropriate size Nymo or Fireline? If so, could be a tension problem. If you are holding your tension tight enough, you can keep the model stable. However, if your blood is too tight curl his own work ... the thread tension continues despite accounts. If voltage is not the problem, Are you using conditional thread? The use of beeswax, pearls, the sky is on the line of work before he could solve your problem, since it would give greater stability to your little thread. Otherwise, yes, floor polish, such as future will work. Dip the piece, remove the excess as possible and as it dries.

Apple Magic Mouse Czech Republic: Early Experience

Design of the new Apple Mouse Magic dominated by simple shapes, the mice is extremely flat, but not surprising to have a negative impact on usability - and not vice versa. The wrist is not broken, and the hand of neunavuje. The bottom is made of polished aluminum.

The upper surface is plastic, covered with a transparent polycarbonate (as in the iMac plastic.) Below are two tracks of hard plastic. The mouse is small but kept his hands even more unexpected. But the problem in this case, by gestures, for which you need more fingers.

This gesture is so far only one - to pass through two fingers on the surface of the mouse to the left or right, for example in the browser acts as a step backward / forward, but no need to make a move along, just connect two fingers and a popojet momentary one direction.

Two buttons, is, of course, to recognize which side of the press of the mouse. Dragging a finger across the surface simulates the mouse wheel moves on that work is subjectively more accurate and more. You have a large work area, the door mouse signals "stuff" for the Apple logo back.

The only thing is the vytknul weight. It is clear that a flashlight may, but are not able to operate the wireless mouse with a battery. That praise. In Otherwise, clearly a good first impression, and thus how small the mouse, you can always do with your MacBook.

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