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Why I'm not selling my handmade jewelry? These are high quality products. Am I asking too much money?

We, Personalized & custom hand every day, month of birth and wedding jewelry with natural gemstones, Swarovski crystals and Czech glass beads! These are high quality jewelry, jewelry! This jewelry is elegant and affordable! So why is it that nobody is buying my product? Am I too expensive? Am I too little Charing possible that customers might think that I am offering genuine products? Please help! Also, does anyone know a way cheap and effective online advertising my new jewelry !?!?! Store Please visit us at: and let me know what I'm doing wrong! (

Hello! I am a jewelry designer and owner of the store accounts also writes a blog on marketing their jewelry. I try to help people and to find new markets for their handmade jewelry. It is difficult to say with the limited information I have is why your jewelry does not sell. After looking at your site, I would say: 1. Working with your photos a little. I think the context in which AI is using light bit and not play until the jewelry very well. I would try a darker and more substantive see what happens. Experiment a little. Try shooting a piece of black velvet. Try to add some accessories such as jewelry or stones wrapped in rocks or sand bottom. Give your jewelry a given context, unlike what you put in a flat bottom. Good pictures are essential to selling jewelry online. 2. Add some exciting descriptions of their jewelry. Let potential customers know why her jewelry is special. Note that is the hand with the highest quality matierals. What makes your jewelry different? Do you want to report in their description. 3. Include a little information about you, the designer. Learn How To you started to make jewelry and how much they want to make jewelry for special occasions like weddings and for special people as mothers. You can also add a photo of himself. This gives you credibility and makes people more comfortable buying from you. 4. Remember to add a panel to your homepage header with a spectacular photo of her jewelry. Need a catchy picture to encourage visitors to visit her jewelry line. 5. There are many more I could add. For more information, visit my blog or As for marketing, you may want some of these options: 1. Start a blog about jewelry. Link to your website. This can help generate traffic to your website. 2. Consider putting some items on Ebay or opening an Ebay store. To add a link to your website in the "About Me" of your e-profile.Give eBay winning bidders on your site. 3. Signature of jewelry, and submit them to article directories. Enter your website address in the resource box at the end of the article. Articles shall be collected and published with your resource box that has your address. This will generate traffic to your website. You can write on topics such as how to care for jewelry, Jewelry, etc 4. Be part of the online gallery receives a large amount of traffic, as 5. Having an opt in form on their site to collect addresses e-mail for a newsletter published by the jewelry. provide useful information such as how to care for jewelry, make jewelry, how jewelry cleaning, etc. You can promote your jewelry in the newsletter of the information. 6. There are many more I could go, but it is a good start. Hope that helps. 🙂 Kristie

The language of beads

The language of beads

I invite you to explore the world starting with me. Maybe you want a custom designed piece or attempting to explain to someone what kind of pearls or style of this particular piece you are looking for and knows not words, or what you are saying. It can be very frustrating at times, and here are some helpful tips!

The game world is not a secret but like any other craft or special trade, has a jargon in a class by itself. The first thing most of you should know is that accounts are described in more orderly, and speaks in millimeters. Do you all remember the math? There are a multitude of accounts, and most of they start at 2 mm and can carry up to 14 mm. Some places offer tables to show the actual grain size in millimeters. Terms The most popular are heard is 4 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm beads and crystals in the game of course there are many sizes of grains that are much larger in mm circular rectangular, octagonal, and if you get the idea.

Another important material used for bridal jewelry custom most is home of famous Austrian crystal, Swarovski. I'm sure many of you know the name of Swarovski, and changing society designs, Swarovski crystal beads on, which come in an infinite variety of shapes and colors. The accounts most popular Swarovski you see very often drawings or custom jewelry and wedding accessories are the tops. They come in many sizes start at 3 mm for most, and usually end 12mm or 14mm. They are tapering off by both sides, and cut facets to capture the light and brightness can not be beaten. They come in different colors, but the most popular color crystal clear crystal AB color. The tops of color crystal clear, but still reflects the perfect light, Crystal AB color almost glows with a blue reflective coating, which captures all the colors of light, and has delivered more spark to it. There is revealed the great mystery of the two different crystals AB and AB calls.

Another type of accounts is quite common Swarovski Swarovski is the pearl. These also come in many sizes and shapes, like its counterpart, crystal tops. However, it is a type of glass that has a resistant coating zero, and no color bleeding into the skin, perfumes or oils. This material is an excellent choice for many parts by hand with a wedding or occasion Special pass the test of time if and wear. These crystals are extremely difficult and can take much abuse, but they are beautiful to wear. I am a big fan of Swarovski that their product is simply beautiful and brightness when the light emulates capture is simply awesome! Most jewelers who use them agree that are an exceptional quality of work and create fabulous jewelry. Of course, the very popular Mother of all pearls, freshwater pearls, which are also available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, is a material function properly.

Of course, there are many other popular stories, you'll see in the drafting supply stores, flea markets and suppliers online worldwide, such as Czech glass beads are beautiful and all shapes and sizes. The varieties of raw materials is amazing. One need only explore the possibilities!

We have barely scratched the surface with many terms and varieties of raw materials, but I hope you embarked on a journey to discover a new world of designing and creating beautiful jewelry and accessories with unlimited options for your special occasions!

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