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Three tips for cleaning my house forever

I struggled for years to keep my house clean, but still had so many things around. I had things stuffed in every corner, under beds and in the attic.

Finally, get expert help. When I did this I learned helped clean my house quickly. He has stayed clean and tidy since. My family loves our home and really relax and enjoy being home. So I am much more productive than it was.

These are the three most useful tips I use to clean my house always

# 1 Tips to clean the house: Clean the first kitchen - a home with a clean kitchen will start working better right away. Put everything in the kitchen you have not used one year in boxes or containers and put them in the garage or storage room. If you live in a small pile of boxes in the corner of a room at the moment.

The key to any organization is clearly all the things that are not used on a weekly basis. You can add things at any time, do not be afraid cleaning. For this, one day. Then two days later and do it again. Can be released.

For Packrat, I advise someone to help you. It will not be attached to your clutter as you are. Note that everything is clear it has no place in the kitchen. The office equipment, telephones, documents, they should all go. If you need a phone in the kitchen, hang on the wall. Get the counter!

Tip No. 2 for cleaning the house: Fight against the room after - A room can Cloudy wonders to give you a boost. When rooms are clean, we started getting the idea that life can be fun and easy with a little organization. My house decluttering experts promised me that and I think she was right.

Start with lockers, and under bed. Cleanliness of the dresser, bedside tables, etc. If you have office equipment in the room the bed, silent. Find another place to put it. The room is for sleep, relax, and dressing. Anything you put because I do not know what else to do with it must go. Once you've done that, rejecting clothing will be a supplement and get used to having a clean space.

Tip No. 3 for house cleaning: clean the garage - is a challenge because garages bring all things I really did not have a place. At this early stage, do not worry about reserving space in the garage. Putting things in boxes or containers, label them and place them in the garage. Everything is an image, try to get rid of him. In addition, you can get covers for garden equipment and can be stored outside. Hang all the tools possible. things off the floor.

Turn the empty container in a room for the things you take to donate or sell. If you are a hope Packrat consider donating items instead of having a garage sale. Have Packrat tend to hold their waste for years to sell garage that will never happen.

About the Author

Dr. Isabella Santorini used to be a stressed-out doctor and a hopeless packrat until she and her husband began their family. Since then, she’s mastered the fine art of organizing her house for success. If you’d like to easily make your house a showplace, don’t waste valuable time and energy. Visit her favorite decluttering site at:


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