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Tissue that can estimate a range of sites son to me if I do not know the weight of the cable?

I am a new knitter. They gave me a members age child an attic of the family, some of them is called a very polished wire Caron Dazzle Aire cal. 4 skeins and I can not get more, but does not say how many meters is in the package! He says: 4 ply worsted type, 4 1 / 2 points for a "5 1 / 2" by Lines 1-suggested size 8 needle. Z 30 NET WT. (85 grams) that can estimate many feet of wire that I have with this information? I have a baby blanket, but I'm afraid I have no son enough ... plz help?

Well, if you really want to take this issue seriously, you can relax a ball and measure (I use an onboard distortion or deformation of pins, but you can probably put something together with a pair of chairs - just measure the distance between them). Alternatively, you can get this thing called McMorran balance to help you calculate child. You can ask one of the Woolery just over $ 20. Here is a link - you need to scroll about a third of the page for that. http://www.woolery.com/Pages/weavaccess.html # General

Basis of the textile industry of China - Puning

Firstly, the rapid economic and social Puning
Puning city, province Guangdong is in the southeast of the western end of the ground floor Chaoshan, with a total area of 1620 square kilometers with a population of 2.001 million people, 1.835 million Chinese living abroad. Puning is a light highly developed city, textiles and clothing, drugs and comparative advantages of the two pillar industries particularly evident. Puning is Shuiguozhixiang, the annual production of 159,000 tons, the country named "city native Chinese plum, "" Chinese "banana orange," China Youth Rugby municipality. "In the second session of the basis of the economy national competitiveness of the county seat of one hundred districts (municipalities), ranked No. 38.

(A) Light Industry, well developed. Main industries textiles and clothing, medicines and Xie Yi, food and beverage, information storage, electronics, plastic toys. In 2002, the value of industrial production in the city 26.87 billion yuan, representing 94.5% of the industrial and agricultural production, Bizenga 12.0%, the three restructuring Industrial 12.1:49.5:38.4; annual investment total assets of 2.567 billion yuan fixed, 6.1% Bi Zeng, 3499, 2002, companies and administrations municipal annual value of 26.74 billion yuan, and paid 350 million yuan of taxes, the actual use of foreign capital the United States this year $ 95 million, 9.8% Bi Zeng, 42 new companies, including 35 replacement of the expansion, including investments or capital contribution of 50 billion yuan 10 super, super 8 billion dollars. The city has two listed companies, Companies 4, 21 at provincial level private technology companies, seven high-tech companies at the provincial level, the state of technology companies, Guangdong famous brand 2 marks 4, Jieyang city, well known, 22. The size of the industrial park 18, which launched last year the City of Science and Technology Industrial Park, an area that has been quoted companies administered by 11, nearly 600 acres of land, plans to invest 680 million yuan, the control of two time began to build an area of 11,070 hectares.

(B) the business and prosperity. Puning is a major commercial port in Guangdong. The city has all types markets for 40 years, with a total area of 382.4 thousand square meters, mainly garments, textiles, medicines, tea, vegetables, fruits, food and other market professionals. Accompanying the annual contract charge 5.83 million tonnes of cargo. 1987 Quicksand market Clothing is a nation of industry professionals and the country of civilization, it hundred shows last year's turnover 4.4 billion. Puning Chinese herbal medicine market is the State has approved the first batch of eight Chinese herbs in the markets of fixed point, the volume of business year last 1.4 billion. In 2002, the city's total retail sales of 5.904 billion yuan of social consumer goods, markets, sales of 15.004 billion yuan and the foreign trade volume of exports of $ 118 million. Clothing 5.6 billion.

(C) social civilization. Puning hometown celebrates the national culture, schools, schools, school support professional full, the total of 734 city schools, teaching staff 18,900 people, 407.2 thousand persons in the enrollment of children of school age 99% of primary school 95.8%. Municipal Science and Technology Association, a total of society, the Association of Research 35, membership of about 3,000 people, professional staff and technical position in the city 15,408 people. Has been granted by the state, "National Sports Advanced counties (cities)", "National Radio TV and advanced counties (cities) "and so on.

2 Textile Puning started at the beginning, the foundation of the prison, a sufficient strength
The textile industry in the city Puning has a long history and profound development of the Foundation calendar. According to historical records, as in the Ming and Qing era of agricultural economics, Puning is the main cash crop producing areas, with yellow linen fabric, ramie fabrics Flax, best known, the Qing period, the market shifting sands (now city) line appears in the street fabric, local weaving, dyeing and selling clothes for a living, and the influx of people were "barbarians", the business expanded to Hong Kong and Macao, Southeast Asia, the century Last, the Chinese overseas are the first generation sewing machine back home, seems determined Puning before cutting, cutting, a sewing by hand. The center of the last century, with businesses near Hong Kong, quicksand, military ports, three cities in Hongyang fabrics, clothing distribution center, so have Puning "city clothes" in the world. After reform and opening Puning Textile industry in "three and a price of" manufacturing process has begun. Promote the development of stroke in urban and rural textile industry has become the town four pillar industries in the first place. Currently, the basic pattern and trend of development across the sector has shown following characteristics:

(A) large and strong. According to statistics, in 2002, the city more than 1,400 companies in the textile and clothing, which employ 108,000 people, goods worth 6.8 billion, representing the industrial city of 41%, 71% to 52%. Last year, the value Total industrial production of 14.6 billion yuan, revenue of $ 14.3 million, the value of the supply to the export of 738 million yuan and exports worth 94.4 million dollars, the total profit and tax of 1.01 billion dollars respectively, which represents 50% the industrial city 52%, 78%, 80% and 53% respectively. The city became a large number of capital-intensive, personnel-intensive, firms leader in information and knowledge-intensive product quality intensive, technological development and other aspects of the march at the forefront of their national counterparts in the textile and clothing has played an active role in the direction of the trend. Among them, a total investment of six hundred million businesses, 50 million yuan Ultra 12 companies, 1,000 million or more companies of 29 companies, with sales across annual 5 million yuan, more than 62 the value of annual exports of U.S. dollars over a million "three capital" 9 companies, 500 million or more than one company, 10 million U.S. dollars, more than one, the annual value of industrial production enterprises over 5 million yuan.

Co., Ltd. Guangdong King are the garment firms rarely has the United States, Japan and Europe, and the introduction of production equipment Highly automated, 1,000 pieces (sets), France, Hong Kong, mainland China's team of design professionals, an annual production of clothing, the ability of a sleeve of 7.5 million sets (pieces), last year exported more than U.S. $ 4,000 million, became a professional, modern and internationally oriented groups in the garment industry in the business. In 2001, the classification of hundreds of garment industry domestic listed companies' sales products "section 48 and the benefits" total "Article 29. Hong Kong
Farida Investment Group Co., Ltd. was founded in the municipal science and technology industrial park will soon be completed and released the "Rita Puning Textile Co., Ltd., covers area of 152 hectares with a total investment of 20 million U.S. dollars, Guangdong will be the large-scale textile, printing and dyeing clothing company integrated.

(B) the chain of support and complete. Currently, the production support Puning the most perfect of industry textiles, has formed a spinning, weaving, dyeing, accessories, accessories, design, production, sales of locking the chain. Front-end has a chemical fiber, polyester, spandex, nylon, milk, silk, cotton, linen, wool and other categories of production, Sino-Swiss has all kinds of knitted fabrics, nonwovens and other categories of production, back-end fashionable, casual wear, shirts, t-shirts Xu, jeans, underwear, pajamas, bras, children's clothing, socks, buttons, belts, shoes, hats, zippers, purses, according to the categories of production. The main products annual production capacity: 40,000 tons chemical fiber, weaving the fabric of one million tons, 30,000 meters of fabric, fabrics, dyed and patterns of 450 million meters of fabric, 1,000 tons of clothing polypropylene tape 1.3 billion (350 million shirts). Puning Xu Xiang Textile Co., Ltd. is a set of spinning, weaving, clothing in a textile large and clothing companies, with an annual production of 5,000 tons of all types of color knitting, clothing 10 million to the fight, the highest value of more than 2 million yuan to become a high value added production of industrial enterprises.

(C) the concentration of industry, have obvious advantages. Quicksand advantage of the agglomeration of firms mode of production, Ikeo collect the streets of the shirt manufacturing companies This represents the consolidation of the city of Gansu dyed and printed fabric and son, woven materials industry, the army TOWN concentration of demand, manufacturers of underwear. industry cluster produces the radiation effect, stimulating the city's textile and clothing, fast increase including the production of shirts in the country was highlighted as a basic large T-shirt production. 2001 to 2002, the city has successfully hosted two Puning Festival international textile and garment fair T-shirt, a view also held a "king" of Guangdong Cup second session Star model competition, the first "King of the Cup" T-shirt Design Competition and the Guangdong, Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China, Taiwan to design masterpieces of appreciation, to create a shirt "Puning," map "economic boom ushered investors make factories at home and abroad a number of manufacturers of branded shirts in competition with the creation of production on the basis of Puning treatment raise the cultural level of the dress, and introduced Puning dominance shirt on the market, Puning shirt really important national production base.

(D) and a safe major purchases. Currently, the city has more than 1,000 garments a registered trademark. Many textile and clothing products to use renowned designers for the design and abroad to carry the image of the brand planning even more striking. "King" "Qun-hao", "Macedonia", "Old Bielen," Kay East Dayton "," Ya Mon "and other marks are even more 10 Italian, French registered. "King", "Qun-hao" has been named in Guangdong Province "famous brand" "King", "Hao Qun-shirts brand, brand products in Guangdong Province was named" Cruz "is considered as the second session of the International Festival of Fashion Guangzhou Ten well-known clothing brand. "" King "," Qun-hao "," Suodun Ba Jingdong "" Ya "Group," Macedonia "," Cross "," hair younger, "" Ya mon ", "King Air" has been called the first section of Puning shirt "Ten clothing brand", "Sennton", "fish rich, old ". Buren, "" King Eli "," O'Malley "," Dayton Kaidan, "" High "Road Di, Yu Chong", " Xian Dai Yi, "" The name of the Rat "and became the second shirt Puning Festival" Top Ten brand clothing. "

Puning Li Yuen Textile Co., Ltd. Production Golden Sail "," flowers ", the mark because of the unique texture creation, good, bright, well received by the world, particularly in Europe and North America tissue customers. Besides its own brand, Puning City has also introduced a series of national and international famous brands as "Shengtaibaoluo", "MissK" "Jeep" Eli King, "" Playboy "," Prince William "," Family BMW "," Milton "and so on to integrate the benefits of the global brand, increase awareness Puning textiles and clothing.

(E) excellent equipment, advanced technology. In terms of technical innovation, and meeting at home and abroad, the length of the garment industry, the introduction of advanced technologies and equipment, absorbing technology design, so that research Textile and apparel production and development and technological progress for a new leap forward. Today Puning clothing and most powerful companies Textile, has the design of the International Advanced computer aided three-dimensional design, CAD cutting system, which are France, color Italy, Japan and other high-grade T-shirt, costume production line machine adjustment, as well as air spinning, printing and automatic production equipment and other dye. In the allocation of human resources, many companies employ highly paid professionals, providing preferential and comfortable living environment, attracting a large number of high quality design throughout the country and abroad, management Talent Technology, effectively pulling at the technology industry. A signal is the computer company imported mesh printing and multicolored dyed and other advanced equipment, auto-increased significantly. According to statistics,

End 2002 the introduction of advanced equipment, more than 11 million yuan; The second reason, linked to the activity in competition with institutions professional, to absorb the scientific research, based on the brand of technology, innovation management and development; The third sign is the company attaches great importance to the introduction of high level of design talent and personnel management, the fourth sign of the growth rate production of new products, product innovation and increased capacity. One of the highlights are: The new technology has been fully involved in a machine, production shirt T-shirts branded exports. Many textile and clothing also focus on information technology by "Puning Port Information and website for contact and communication with the external world to conduct online transactions. Co., Ltd. Guangdong Rey Mysterio is the success confidence "Brain" to develop. The frames are for the most professional employees in the country and abroad, the characteristics main production departments use the main French couturier known Delankeluo Chairman and Italy and Hong Kong in charge of the work of artisans the product across the country among major cities, as well as Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. Guangdong Ying Dan Garments Co., Ltd. has a strong professional force production and a shirt with the R & D design team, the establishment of Japan, Germany advanced equipment, more than 20,000 square meters standard factory specializing in eight villages of the production line, and generally to promote certification ISO9001 international quality.

(6) network robust and fully functional. Puning is not only the textile and clothing production base, but also a modern logistics platform, with a huge market, has established a network of cons-purchase and sale, a collection of Industrial Expo, the product of trade, information industry, production and matching, storage and distribution, the six functions of cultural tourism, resulting in a strong radiation effect. The city has more than 20 transport companies and tens of thousands of marketing teams, as well as access provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and municipalities, more than 100 transportation routes, and has created a rapid and widespread proliferation chains of textiles and clothing. Quicksand Quicksand market clothing and textile fairs, brought together representatives of Guangxi Shanghai, Sichuan, Fujian, Hunan, Hebei and other places more than 1,000 clothing companies known total domestic distribution and foreign distributor, Great Britain, France, Thailand and 10 other countries and regions, establishing outlets in Puning. One, the operators of quicksand Clothing specialized market of 3500 varieties of garments, the country's annual turnover lounge 4.43 billion yuan. brand companies are still a number of franchises, chain model of monopoly in the country among major cities in the establishment of a marketing and information networks and logistics systems. For incomplete statistics, the industry has created retail chains nationwide, about 4800. boom Specialty apparel market, both to expand domestic demand, but also stimulate the rapid growth of exports of textiles and clothing. About the Author

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