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What is the type (printer, paper and ink typical) and print slides of enamel and ceramic decal?

I want to print large enamel and ceramic decal buckets.the used to decorate this type of material is called heat transfer burns after slides paste at the point of combustion during the stationary 850c.the tempreature label design in the ceramic glaze good.iy want to know what kind of impression used to print this type of bullet (recording process is available to me as I set fire to boxes tempreature 850c) is the silk screen, either type printing.and offest what type of ink and paper (the technical name) is used and if I need other chemicals or equipment to print .. as tracking

This site seemed to be answering some questions: but probably want to see if you can find a good book to your library or bookstore local, but is more likely to have to buy something special off the Internet. I saw a book entitled "Transfer of images in clay" in if you want take a look.

Public Work Wear Transfer solutions!

In the modern world, you need to take every opportunity to promote a company that is available, and Custom work clothing and uniforms is now accepted as the norm for all companies, large or small. Many companies are based on work clothes as a means of providing staff with appropriate clothing, at the same time announcing the name of the company. This can be something as simple as a single brand or uniform staff full.

Transfer of the target can respond needs as diverse as the images of reflection for the high visibility vests, or mark on a wetsuit - the transfer station transfer system heat, which will be suitable for textiles and fabrics almost.

It is important in many cases printing may be washed up 95 ° C, and the printing is durable and reliable - especially for name badges and personal protective equipment. The transfer station has a long association with suppliers of workwear clothing and may, upon request, to tailor the heat transfer system according to most substrates, and Transfer of Meta understand the importance of brand image is in color for more durability.

Workwear is ideal for staff consistent service in the industry, games poles of the boiler, targeted transfers can provide the solution, and have the ability to accessorize from head to foot, necessary! When you need work clothes that both elegant and durable, it is necessary to work with a trusted partner who will ensure that you can offer!

Please visit the website at for more information or if you please call one of the access service equipment +44 (0) 1376 326351, who will be happy to help and provide any additional information you need.

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