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What is the best adhesive transfer paper to print an iron-on T-shirt logo? Is HP, Epson, the recommendation?

I use a Canon S-9000 inkjet printer Coler

HP and Epson are usually designed to work with HP and Epson printers. see if you can transfer to find stickers for your specific Canon printer. 3rd party or transfer sticker that lists your specific printer.

Water transfer printing at home

Now you are ready for transfer printing water. Simply place thumbnail favorite surface, he slipped into the role of surface support, and the position very well with wet fingers. Sweep slowly with a scraper or a rubber spatula to keep it without bubbles. After the transfer is complete, apply a sealing resin in the design can save the design of the appearance cracks, fading and peeling.

The first thing you need to do is select an image use for your print project to transfer water. You can scan a photo or an image search on the Internet. Then you to adjust the image so it can fit on the surface where you will place. Then, you must print the design on the sticker and apply four coats of spray fixative sticker on it. Let dry and cut ours. You then put in hot water for about 20 to 45 seconds.

There are several things you need in the manufacture waterslide decal water at home. Things you need to include a chart or software DTP, a water slide to print on sticker paper, printer, card, stickers spray, scissors, water, container, towel, label applicator squeegee or rubber spatula, paper towels, sealing resin, mask and gloves.

Most often, printing water transfer involves the use of stickers custom slide in the application of images to the flat and hard. This type of decal needs to be exposed to water so that you can peel the protective paper (which is paper), as its name indicates. You can buy ready-made waterslide decals or you can do at home. If, after a unique design you can customize your own decals.

transfer printing is very popular nowadays. This method provides a way to print easier to update the image of virtually any What - from ships to trucks and cutting with hunting equipment. You can buy a ready-made design transfer to the object of your choice or you can do your own design in the comfort of your home. Before printing heat transfer is the method of choice but nowadays, people are increasingly interested the water transfer printing.

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