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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Deep Cut Replacement products and information here meets your needs.

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Where I can get the replacement line the shelves of my kit?

I need the plastic shelves in the medicine cabinet. 13 1 / 4 "long and 1 / 4 inches deep 3. If this is not effective replacement shelves someone knows where I can get methacrylate court to go online and shipped?

Just go to Home Depot or Lowes you can cut for you.

How to Cut, Score and Break Glass

The glass can be cut into strips, geometric shapes, circles, ellipses, and curves with a glass saw, almost any shape.

Some things to keep in mind
• hot glass (glass temperature ambient) cuts easier than cold glass
• The work surface should be flat
• Score on the smooth side of glass rather on the side of the texture
• Hold glass cutter vertically like a pen or pencil
• Do not use excessive pressure. Too deep a twenty perhaps at a bad time
• Protection is a good idea to wear glasses or goggles other

Straight Cuts
When you make a score right, start to add the glass farthest point of your body and pull the glass cutter towards you. Once an online assessment is made, the routine use of clips (if the band at least 1 inch wide) by placing the running pliers based on the score line and gently squeeze the handles. You hear a noise and see small cracks separating the glass along the dotted line. Or, hold the stained glass sheet over an edge of a table with the line slightly beyond the edge. Use or failure Grozier pliers and apply gentle pressure in a downward movement along the dotted line. This can also be done by hand using the same downward trend. In practice makes perfect soon.

Cortes Curve
For trimming curves, use the cutter for glass items one at a time. This you can work on the curve. Glass likes straight lines or lines with gentle curves. If the shape has irregularities or small projections, they are easily removed forceps or a glass crusher. In other words, do not rush especially if the cut is a curve in the interior. Every little a little bit at a time.

Cut circles
Score the glass in the shape and size of the circle desired. Use a permanent marker to place a point where you start to accumulate to avoid exceeding the starting point. Next, place the side glass bending line on a piece of corrugated cardboard. Use light pressure and press along the score line until you see running the circle. Then turn the glass on one side and received several cuts were awarded first tangent radiating from the circle. Finally, each pause marked by the tangent line rupture pliers. The circle must be clean cut with no jagged edges.

How to avoid common problems
• cutting wheel wears out quickly - Raise cut instead of slipping the edge of the cup and a bowl on a surface covered with vinyl or carpet
• luck after scoring - Too much pressure has been applied glass cutter
• Online evaluation resembles the dotted line - the cutting wheel is annoying and should be replaced
Remember not to put your model on the model when you listen to your boss on the back of the crystal softer. It ends in glass and lost a lot of wasted time not to mention frustration.

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