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I am looking for a site that "sleeve header for sale?

What I seek is about a T-shirt sleeves cut to the arm that goes over your head. won in a contest, but can not find a site online that are selling. I'm not looking Turbin or scarf, but a head sleeve has an opening in the superior program for my hair, but still keeps his eyes and prevents the sweat dripping down my eye. I'm not looking for a headband or the other - I would like something like the thin material that currently, about 15 inches from top to bottom, which Streatch a bit and can double as a neck warmer or face replacement hat low in winter. I prefer a logo / design on them, but at this point, I would put a single color, so do not destroy more of my shirt, pulling the sleeves of a replacement.

You mean, like a neck warmer (or bellows)? "This necklace Polar offers protection in two ways. Covers neck and ears, and can be hidden in the jacket collar to improve wind resistance. However, it can be folded and used as a headband. See here: I know that is thicker, then, what do you think .. but it is the closest I could get to what he was talking. Try these sites too: / product.asp/item/204967/N/0/cmpn/70125 / CMP/KNC-70125/afl/435


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