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I need help with working definitions of the Cross of prehistory and art in Mesopotamia?

I am an enigma cross word art and I can not find a definition of them anywhere, because tomorrow with my project. Can someone please help me with one of them? These are the definitions. - The inhabitants of Mesopotamia - an era known as the New Stone Age - sculpture with a flat surface that contains only small changes - vertical slab structures with sculptural designs or inscriptions - horizontal stretch between two walls or posts. - An era that produced some of the worlds of art first. - A series of consolidation or stone circle giant stones - Simplification of form found in nature. - Master bedroom in a temple, a religious image contains one who gives me the most correct answers receive the best answer. xxx

1. How many letters? All this is possible Sumerian), Babylonians, Hittites, Assyrians and Persians it. 2. Neolithic 3. Relief? 4. Estela / 1 stele. How many letters? Lintel? 2. 3. Stonehenge (O Avebury) 4. 5. How many letters? a) Sanctuary b) Naos return to this if you provide the number of letters or any you've ever worked on! Just click the edit button below the main question and add this detail in the information section. Thank you.

Learn to Embroider

Most people find simple cross stitch to do, but often need a few tips to help you get started with appropriate techniques. Here is an explanation of key terms and techniques of cross stitch.

cross stitch kit

A kit is a package that contains all the hardware you need to design the artwork. Usually contains Aida cloth or Challis, son of twisted cotton in all the necessary colors, a needle and a cross stitch pattern or a picture with instructions on how to complete the design.

Cross sewing table (or ground)

A chart is a simplified description of how to carry out their design. The codes (eg #, +

Aida cloth

Aida fabric threads are woven into a detailed schedule square makes it easy to guide needle in and out of the material, to get good points and count the squares. In general, the point of 1 square. Aida 11-count means there are 11 places Every square inch of fabric and 18-count Aida means that there are 18 seats on every inch and so on. The counting of tissues and determine the final size design. The higher the number, the smaller section and is easier to cross stitch in the fabric of the lowest rating, 11 is easier than having 18-bill. Aida most popular fabrics used are 14 and 16 count.

Web Challis

Challis cotton, cotton blend fabrics and Synthesis, flax or synthetic, so there is a gap between each wire brochures. In Aida, tend to more than 1 point, however, generally more Challis 2 son to sew. Challis comes in a variety of issues into account, the most common are 24, 28 and 32.

Stranded Cotton

Some times called flossing, this thread is composed of 6 easily separable strands so that you can not change your results based on the number of son used. It is ideal for point of cross stitch, shorts and satin stitches, stitches. Most of the points cross is made with the 2-son and the tendency is always clearly indicate whether full meshed with 1 or more 2 son.

This diagram shows a length of twisted cotton and 2 separate threads which are generally used cross-stitch.

The son are solid colors, however, washing should be done only if it absolutely necessary. If you need to wash their work, gently with warm water and biological detergent. Rinse well and turn them on a towel color and light thick press with a hot iron.

Thread map or organizer

point Many teams of the Cross and the card are the son of cotton with the transition to competition that ranked on the map. Where this has not been done, it is necessary to place the son through the holes in the card and thread the label so they can be easily accessible sewing your design.


A tapestry needle is used to cross stitch that has a rounded end and large eyes. A size 24 needle was used with 14 Number of Aida.

embroidery hoop or frame

Frames can be useful to maintain the fabric while sewing. Some people prefer the point of holding your fabric in your hands and if your blood is good, it works well. Other may find that the "holes" are open and the fabric is wrinkle is when a ring frame must be used - if you use a clamp the needle up at the rear and pushing it will be necessary after moving a hand from front to back and pull the needle through, and vice versa. If you have a position, you can sew with one hand on the top of the fabric and a below what you do not have to pass a hand before back again and again.

From design

It is important to read all instructions before you begin your design. This is a good idea to sew the edges of the fabric by hand or with a zigzag stitch on a machine to prevent fraying, but it is not absolutely necessary. scissor can be used to create a plush zigzag edge.

Iron your fabric so no wrinkles. Find the center of the fabric by folding in half both vertically and horizontally. It's a good idea to start from the center of the design if this is desirable, even if it is not essential.

It's a good idea to highlight your theme (yellow works well) to score points or areas of stitching as you complete them. This allows you to see clearly which parts of your list is complete.


Cross Stitch

Getting There: A cross-stitch, everything works by stitching line through a first return, then on the same line by adding stitches. Bring needle into the lower left corner of the square diagonally and inserted in the upper right corner. Another method is to fill each point along the path what is good work of the Cross vertical rows of stitches. It is very important to always work in the lower left to sew the top right of first so that every son of above have the meaning inclination. This ensures a uniform consistency in its final design.

Quarter Cross Stitch

Directions: Barrio points to one quarter of the size of a set of cross stitch. You have to split the center of discussions on its Aida web with her needle.

French knots

Directions: Pass the needle through which the node is necessary wrap the thread two needles once. Turn the needle into the tissue, very close to where you bought it through, but not exactly in the same place, and pull the needle through the thread taught.

Return point

Back sew a running stitch is used to define an area of design to add a definition or to create letters. There have worked after the design has been completed. 1 strand of wire is usually used to point.

Directions: Put the needle through (1), insert (2). Pass the needle through (3) in front of next stitch. The following item will begin at (1) and end in front of (3).

This diagram shows (1) the first diagonal dotted then (2) the second line above the intersection point of the first.

This diagram shows (1) keeping the needle through the tissue, (2) second needle placement, (3) compared to the end of the seam.

The Best advice Cross Stitch

  • Always work with clean hands.
  • Do not carry the thread areas where there is no cross stitch, as it appears when the design is complete. You must stop and start up.
  • That the needle and thread to hang upside down from time to time to remove the twists in the wire.
  • Not use a node, but to take the threaded needle to the back of the fabric, leaving about 2 cm to be guaranteed for the points to come. Finally run the needle through about 5 stitches on the back of the canvas.
  • Remove the needle when you work not or a brand. Otherwise, consider subscribing to the end of the fabric width.

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