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is the illustrator and character designer of the Metal Gear series?

The artist Yoji Shinkawa.

Glance Interior Design: Fashion Design. Part II: Traditional - Saint-Jacques and Victorian

The interior design has always been affected by the fashion trends - both historically and in modern times. In this series, "Fashion Design" explore the meaning of style interior designers.

I rely on my experience working with several of the best known of London, teams of interior design. This second article in my series introduces traditional / vintage design with an emphasis on the Saint-Jacques and styles of the Victorian era.

design uses traditional materials that reflect the richness and opulence historic times. London Interior Designers often make the most of the features that were available at that time and cleverly combined with elements that are available today. traditional period and interior design projects tend to concentrate in elegance, with a look and feel that is comfortable, rich and gorgeous, although sometimes a bit fragile.

The subject is popular residences of Saint Jacques in London and other residences that have a real sense of history. The Jacobean style focuses on the features thick wood with dark stained oak often used to create panels for walls and floors. Oak is also often used for furniture and interior decoration in general impression is that of solidity, with tastefully furnished to fill the available space. Carpets are also an important part of the appearance of St. Jacques. However, many interior designers recognize that padding may be impossible at present, and a method often used by consultants the best known of London, is to recreate the appearance of modern tapestry upholstery or curtains.

A warning to St. Jacques interior design is style that has plenty of natural light necessary because otherwise the darker wood stain may appear trivial. This can be problematic on small residences in London, but is generally not a problem with luxury homes mostly large windows facing south and grounds.

The Victorian interior design, however, is considered a more formal approach. Interior designers are often focused on small round table often covered with a cloth full and fat, largely buttons Chesterfield armchairs. Both of London in Victorian urban style is also come to understand nature as a theme for the textile industry, which acts as a counterpoint to the acceleration of industrialization. By Therefore, plans often offer interior design elements Victorian floral and birds in both walls and furniture.

In the next article in my "design style" interior design series, I will focus on the third and the style of the last period, which is particularly important for houses London - Georgian style.

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Global Interior Design Consultancy Company in London, UK for interior design services.


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