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How much should I charge for embroidery machine at home.?

What makes the embroidery machine to another and sell them? if so, Figure how many?

My cousin charges $ 7.50 for a name or a pattern of 3 inches, then raise the price in installments based on size of the problems design. For example, a pattern of 6 inches would be $ 15.00. But it's worth its total retail supplies. If you can get cable wholesaler may be able to charge less.

Embroidery Design Embroidery and Contract

Gone are the days when embroidery was accustomed to being qualified is a process now replaced by machine embroidery. Now the man is surrounded by a variety of embroidery designs. In the machine embroider the whole process as pearls, son, design, leather, etc. is done using machines only.

In the 19th century was for the first time in embroidery machine was introduced. It looked like a sewing machine. It was like a revolution technique. Then, come back another presented was the invention of the machine totally automitized. With the help of these machines produced a boom in the contract embroidery embroidery.


The first machine has embroidery was operated by manpower alone. Embroidery designs made entirely using the machines. So many machines have was necessary because one person can use a machine at a time. Contract embroidery is done on a large quantity has been a long process in the contract embroidery was very painful. But in many automatic machines are replaced by the same machine. Thus machines boom provides contract embroidery company. The embroidery machine, a machine with software in the data stream by a man and give the production of several machines. Company may obtain as much as embroidery, because it requires the agreement request. Always choose must have the following information in mind.


  • It is time to consume less.
  • symmetrical embroidery can be done.
  • Excellent results can be made boom in contract embroidery.
  • Techniques of economic growth
  • significant change in the fashion industry
  • Design become very easy
  • low price for heavy embroidery.
  • The software can copy any design online
  • Clothing can be easily hand-washable
  • Embroidery possible deal
  • Several colors are available
  • Embroidery innovative style is possible


  • Rising unemployment
  • cumbersome to deal with the machine

After watching many Benefits In addition, the few shortcomings can be overlooked and as a company MARIPOSA Embriodery is to have engineers to carry out healthy. We in the industry over the last 10 years and are always there to help at any time. We offer commercial embroidery services and earned the reputation of embroidery designs. It also offers embroidery services contract as we have better center of large-scale production. We meet all the needs of our customers regarding the product.


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