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Can you help me find a stamp with the design. ?

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Postcards - Create an "old school" hand-printed cards!

In a world of increasingly high-tech is becoming more difficult create something that is really in their hands, something you can "put their own stamp." The world of cards visit is no exception. You may have designed its current card design business, but I bet you had little or nothing to do with the physical impression of it!

Judging by many models of business cards I've seen recently is a clear reaction to the mass of 'products' appearance and feel of a typical business card. Personally, I like my cards to look smooth and professional, but I realize that this is not for everyone. In particular, lifestyle alternative organizations, fashion companies and designers are rethinking how they present their cards. The trend towards more "green" cards is becoming more popular.

The creation of a map that has a "hand printed" call is not at all difficult. Using a measure of rubber seal, you can create a super-mode card (the type of card style that the guerrillas by the rules.)

The image above shows a map was created using a buffer. The designer who created these wonderful cards that I wanted to convey a sense of simplicity and style. So he created his only card:

  • He designed a personalized stamp with your business contact and transferred Free online for your design
  • He bought his own card in a fixed local actions and uses a guillotine to reduce Kinko's the population size!
  • Once he had received the seal of their printers online, individually stamped business cards and the convey to their clients and friends!

    Designer was determined to create a business card that was original and a greater personal involvement. According to him, we are all "old school" in his letters was much more fun than just sending a file to print and wait for his letters he received.

    While researching this article, as I found this business card (above) which was created with two stamps of different colors. Unlike black and red seals are specifically designed to interact with each other, a gap of space negative in the middle of the black stamp has been omitted to allow the company stamp with red logo to apply the model in black. It is a very clever use of stamps - a technique that is reminiscent of the old wood block printing.

    The use of stamps a very fun to create your business cards. It also fits the personality of many business owners and people who like to challenge convention and are a little more "cutting edge" of his thought. However, this is not just for reasons of style such cards rubber stamp are a good idea. You can also save a lot of money on printing costs. Although the initial cost of these stamps may be similar Order a classic card, once the initial cost of stamps bridge you can make your own cards again and again and again!

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    I have worked in the Marketing and Design industry for nearly 10 years as both a Copywriter and Art Director. I have created award winning advertising campaigns for ad and marketing agencies in the UK and the US. I am currently working in the marketing department of one of the US's most successful online print companies.


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