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"I can (and / or how I can) drilling a hole in an emerald?

I have a 28 carat emerald Brazil, I drill a hole to hang in a window. I do not want to apply an adhesive to affect its visual appeal. I asked the local jeweler, but are not able to drill a hole for me. I have only the no regular exercise, the diamond. I can use an electric drill, but not a costly exercise. If I drill with the bit under water, is it me? The value of the emerald is low because it is opaque, so not much matter if something happens. I do not want that to be broken if there is a strong likelihood of this happening. For your information, the hardness of this little jewel is approximately 7 to 7.5 on the hardness scale.

It would be absolutely fatal to try to break your emerald with a DIY type of drill - You will end up with a lot of pieces, even if you fit a diamond drill will not work. I'm sure there are local lapidary club somewhere near you part and I'm sure you'll find a member to be more than willing to help. Good luck.

Technical Equipment Diamond Drilling

platforms diamond drilling are very useful for drilling holes in most types of hard material. May drill holes in seconds tiles, concrete, natural stone, granite, bricks, etc. can make a hole in a part of building the wall, ceiling or floor.

The platform has a diamond drilling which is set at the end of the drill pipe in the machine. This is used to drill holes.

There are several types of platforms diamond drilling, which are lightweight and portable, so they are easy to carry, where necessary. They can be used in drilling dry and wet. They work with electricity and are used for different drilling techniques.

The different types are electric drill, drill hydraulic, pneumatic drill.

The lines of rotating core wire are the two main types techniques of diamond drilling. Rotary drilling is used when the wells have been drilled and all holes in the rocks. cable is used for drilling exploration Mineral. Here his work is not just dig a hole, but also to obtain a core sample.

In the electric drill, there are four types
1. electric hand - which can penetrate very quickly and make holes in concrete and natural stone. It is good to tie the rebar installation. Its main characteristics are that it is a free download, free of dust and vibration. May be loaded quickly. It also allows the rapid removal of the base.
2. Mini electric hand - which can make holes in seconds tiles, concrete, Natural stone and granite. It is used to make countertops, tiles and stones. The SIS is also used in plumbing. This machine prevents shots and also good for the eradication of cracks.

Hand 3 and 4 in his possession and mounted Rig Electric - is very powerful machines. They benefit to be too light. 5 "holes can be made of brick, lime, slag, etc. The holes are the blocks can be quickly and very efficiently work and are durable.

Hydraulic punching machines are of two types:
1. machine by hand and hydraulic
2. Rig-mounted hydraulic machine

Both can function both mechanically and electronically. They have the advantage of being easily moved. They are durable and safe and reliable.

Pneumatic machines are of two types.
1. Handheld pneumatic
2. Rig tires mounted machine

It can drill holes in the walls, rebels bricks, ceilings, floors and have a solid anchor. They are also very smooth and accurate holes. They are also free of dust and can be used in installation works, water and gas supply, bridges and tunnels, electricity, etc.

To maintain the drilling machine in good condition and to prevent overheating, the match must be turned smooth and lubricated with water. speeds holes should also be reduced through adequate lubrication, the life of the wick can be increased.

Each type of exercise is used for a particular technique is very useful for this particular purpose. It is necessary to be aware of different types of machines available, their use and their advantages and disadvantages and technology must be used before deciding to use a particular type of work. Most construction, repair and utilities require drilling and it is essential that you have enough knowledge about the different techniques used.

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