Dichroic Glass Fusing

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When fusing black dichroic glass is it necessary to place clear glass on top of it? Using spectrum system 96.?

I work with soft glass, but here is what I found for dichroic. I hope it helps.


Good Luck!

Choosing the Right Costume Necklace Beaded

Necklaces are one of the most common types of jewelry around. They come in a variety of designs, sizes, materials, lengths, and prices.

The more expensive is the material for the necklace, the pricier it will be. However if you want a more reasonable price for your neckpieces without having to scrimp on style or creativity, you can always go for costume necklace beaded jewelry.

These artistically crafted necklaces are often made in one-of-a-kind designs, so that you are essentially wearing a distinctive piece of art.

What makes beads better than metal or any other material is that they are much cheaper. An intricately designed necklace made from gold can cost you hundreds or thousands, but you can easily afford a beautifully beaded necklace for as low as less than a hundred.

Beads often come in a variety of sizes, types, and color. These characteristics make beads excellent material when it comes to necklaces, and even bracelets and anklets.

Since they are cheaper, many designers can experiment with a lot of designs, combining different bead materials together. If you are searching for costume necklace beaded items, there are quite a few collections found on the web, and many items are also displayed in shops, stores, and various jewelry outlets.

Beads can either be glass or plastic. Glass beads are much more expensive than plastic beads; they are often used to create high-end jewelry creations.

One kind of glass beads is the dichroic glass bead, which produces a metallic sheen and shows variations of two colors when seen at different angles.

The metallic sheen is brought about by a metal coating, and the beads can be fused or created using conventional techniques in lampworking. A costume necklace beaded jewelry that is made from glass beads is truly stunning and eye-catching.

Plastic beads are also one type of beads, and although these beads are also used in the creation of beautiful necklaces, they are more often used in clothing such as gowns and other designer creations.

If you love the look of natural beads, such as pearls or semi-precious stones, but don’t have the right budget for them, you can always try going for faux natural beads instead.

These beads are treated so they will look more expensive, resembling exotic mineral stones and gemstones. This way, you can have the costume necklace beaded jewelry that you love without going overboard on your spending.

Beaded costume necklaces may also use a variety of bead materials, often exotic in nature, such as bone, horn, ivory, metal, pearls, coral, mineral stones, and sea shells.

One of the most common bone beads are those made from water buffalo bones. Ethnic beads are those beads favored by ethnic tribes, coming from Africa and Native America.

Among the more expensive beads are Swarovski crystal beads and vintage beads. When searching for the costume necklace beaded jewelry that you like, it is best to look into the material, design, and the price. Wearing the right costume jewelry will surely add to more flair to your outfit, particularly on special occasions.

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