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How heavy is a Sizzix die cutting machine?

not exactly sure who would be invited to a partner, or about 10 books, is very heavy for a foot brake, I fell on my foot and ended up on crutches I hope might help!

Xyron Cutting System Electronic Punching Machine Review


  • System Xyron Personal cutting machine is a computer industry that is designed to eliminate the forms and letters for use in scrapbooking, crafts and design applications.
  • The system uses font books and shape books that allow you to choose quickly and easily cut shapes with the machine.
  • This system allows you to quickly and easily cut letters and shapes using your own decorative paper. It is easy to use and even laptop can bring to scrapbooking parties.

Strengths / Features:

  • The Xyron Personal Cutting System makes punching easier than ever. It uses very simple controls that allow you to choose a way to design your book, then choose the size of the shape you want cut.
  • There are a number of books available for the design Xyron Personal Cutting System. The machine comes with a primer and a reference book basic shapes. These two books are more than 500 cutting options. Cup more books, there are literally tens of thousands of potential personal cutting system.
  • The Xyron cutting system allows you to cut the staff in a manner which as large as 4 "x size" 4. Each book in the form of design can be divided into three different sizes (small, medium or large).
    Using the system, can cut through virtually any type of paper. Just put the paper cut in the drawer, choose how you want to cut and let the machine do the rest.

Weaknesses and limitations:

  • Although the Xyron cutting system Personal offers many shapes and sizes, it requires the purchase of the source books and design books to develop their capabilities. Design books for the system cost about $ 50. That can add up if you want to collect a large number of books.
  • Staff Cutting System uses a sheet of Special cutting your paper forms. These plugs should be replaced over time, especially if you're cutting through with thick or fibrous materials. It also uses a special cutting mat to hold paper in place during the cutting process. This carpet will also be replaced over time.
  • With personal cutting system that is limited to forms and letters that are on the books that you design buy. If you want to die completely customizable, including the words soldiers you can consider purchasing the Xyron Wishblade, which mutes any shape or font you have on your computer.



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