Die Cut Machines: Which One Should I consider?

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When it comes to die cutting machines there are several machines on the market which are great for use in the home.  The die cutting machines used in home crafts range in price from $70 to $500.  The difference in the machines are the functions they perform.  In order to select the right machine you need to understand the functions of the various machines.  The popular machines in used by scrappers and those involved in card making crafts are:

The Cricut die cutting machine is a standalone self contained cutting machine that uses cartridges for the shapes you want to cut.  The machine doesn't require a computer, and is  popular with scrappers because it is very portable, and is available from a number of popular retail outlets and on sites such as eBay. The popular Cricut Expression die cutting machine can be purchased for less than $200, less cartridges.

The Cuttlebug is one of the newer die cutting machines. This small die cutter is used mainly for scrap-booking and has an anti slip bottom and fits on a table surface and won't slip or move about. The Cuttlebug is compatible with cartridges from several scrapbook die cutter manufacturers on the market. This little cutter has become very popular with scrappers because of it's ease of use and portability.  It is no hassle to take this small unit to card making parties.

This computer driven personal cutting system is a sophisticated die cutting machine that can cut almost any shape because the cutter is driven by the program on the PC.The Xyron cuts shapes, fonts and images in 3 sizes.

Xyron Wishblade
The Wishblade, an upgrade of the original Xyron personal cutting system, is a machine for the die cut enthusiast.  The Wishblade is a computerized die cut machine that hooks to your personal home computer and uses computer software to  create different scrapbook die cuts.  The Wishblade will cut any font you can load on your computer.  This scrapbook die cutting machine costs about $450, which avid die cut die cut crafter's say is well worth the price.

The Sizzix die cutting system is a great starter unit for the beginner.  It easily cuts a variety of materials,and shapes. The Sizzix can handle fabric, rubber, and paper material, using the Sizzix originals die cuts. The Sizzix machine is manually operated with a handle that you push down to create the die cut.

The variety of die cutting machines on the market means that you can buy what ever suits your pocket book and level of expertise.  As your skills and needs change with your experience you can resell you die cutting machine on eBay and acquire a machine that is more advanced.


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