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What kind of die-cutting machine can cut shapes that I can draw?

I have never used a die cutting machine, but I'm Interested precisely in finding one that can cut silhouettes of the children a book I'm working. Is there? All we seem to find in my research is that all machines should use existing forms. Is it possible to have the "form" on me and send this information to the cutter Cutting? PC thanks for any help!

The Cricut machine has a connection that can be sent from the computer to the machine. The disadvantage is that the machine just for you and you cut yourself. I do not know much about the Xryon Wishblade, but I know he can be connected to a PC. Check the link below and see if that is what you want. Good luck.

Electrical discharge machines - Technology

Emerging Trends in Machining

Spark erosion is a modern machining technology with a clear advantage, after which their use is becoming more crucial.

EDM is Technical essential. Today, the program has revolutionized the way most high precision molds, dies and workpieces during complex production. The most enthusiastic users of EDM solutions to the challenges that await us in the metal cutting industry. The ability of machine hardened steel and carbide parts highest level of accuracy and superior finish without operator intervention was a dream so when EDM came into existence.

EDM these days is not as dark as a term that some years ago, but there are all sorts of vague statements available. For years, researchers have many studies on the release process of EDM. Variety assumptions have been made, but still, the differences in understanding the process of downloading exists.

It is very difficult to describe such a complex process, most of which are invisible and are accompanied by physical and chemical phenomena such as noise, heat, light, electromagnetic radiation etc. To this day, are neither well understood nor quantified. Various theories of mathematical models to estimate the state gap has been presented, but all are approximations, and whatever manufacturer has estimated the state best gap, is a leader in the field of EDM.

EDM is a process of reduction of materials and cutting materials do not touch each other, there is always physical examination difference between the two. It is likely that this gap has opened perception gap in the understanding of the EDM, it is said that EDMing is an art. During a period of 20 years, many innovative ideas, predictable batch processing.

Ater, the Second World War, Russian scientist BR Lazarenko and NI Lazarenko EDM process invented, and since then it has been ongoing research. Over the past 20 years, EDM has become 6-8 times more productive.

It is very essential to know the basic input / output of EDM to understand and appreciate innovation in the field of EDM


v electrode material

equipment room v Work

Media / Sun Electric.

EDM process

v High Temperature

v electromagnetic forces


Cutting speed v

Precision V

v Finish.

Traditionally, the program has been ranked into two distinct categories because of the different forms adopted in the implementation process.

1. Sink or sink or EDM EDM EDM RAM

2. Wire EDM


We all know that ended EDM job can not be better than the electrode used. The performance parameters such as surface production, accuracy and productivity depends mainly on the overall selection of the material electrode. We know that 70% of the work and 20-30% is the cost of manufacture of electrodes. Over the past 15 years, there has been a development phenomenal quality electrode material available, especially graphite. imports of graphite are now readily available, used especially in countries overseas.

In India, we are witnessing a change of copper as electrode material graphite. To choose the right equipment supplier offers nearly 15 types of material and graphite performance characteristic complete

Deciding what material to use, for example, "copper or graphite" depends primarily effective method of producing the electrode, the size of the job, finish requirements, multiple options of the electrode. In general, if you ask the user for the GED in Asia, the choice is made of copper and graphite if the user is from USA. Ultimately, the graphite is preferred when the size of the electrode is large, fast and easy to machine machining center. Good structure and fine grain graphite sintered quality imported is now available in India. Problem is important in the dust graphite machining. It is a big headache unless the machines are mainly equipped with special vacuum system manage dust.

Copper is the material most popular in India because it is cheap and can be machined in a single machine and tower. copper electrode in the manufacture of EDM son is the most popular and fastest method of any wire EDM graphite is very slow and heavy, so for the most part avoided.

From the perspective of the process of EDM, graphite is very thermally stable material and has very low electrode wear, then copper is relatively wear.

Although the EDM machine must produce a replica of the electrode used, the wear electrodes allowed to occur so easily and affect the accuracy and finish the job.

It is necessary

1. The use of electrodes multiple, for example, roughing and finishing electrodes.

2. Dress electrode during the EDM process of cars using electric shocks dressing.

3. Changing the electrode during the EDM process.

4. Using 2D/3D orbital cycles to compensate for wear electrodes.

5. The use of adaptive control to precisely control the EDM process to reduce the electrode wear. These different features and strategies used to achieve the exact dimension and end on death or mildew.

Innovations CNC technology has also found its way into too EDM, EDM is a very slow speed CNC plays no significant role in improving productivity.

But it

  1. Improving the production process of some of the EDM cycle preserved in terms of EDM

Orbit is known that the cycle.

  1. Using adaptive control of EDM process by continuously monitoring the difference

modulate the state of the pulse and EDM.

  1. Simplifies manufacturing electrode with multiple segments

electrodes and the use of the ATC (automatic tool changer).

  1. Automate manual of interruption that change electrodes by using the tool

magazine, and then changing settings EDM using automatic

code selection of EDM.

  1. Provides powerful user interface, allowing the user to define only

Performance and production and the machine automatically selects the steps

EDMing and EDM parameters.

6. Machine fuzzy logic based adaptive control

significantly improve the process of EDM with whose productivity.

AC brushless drive motors are also used by some manufacturers to achieve higher speeds of RAM. This improvement performance during the machining of deep hole EDM, where rapid retraction of the electrode for a short period is necessary to remove EDM residual cavity, thus avoiding damage to the electrode / cavity due to the arc. Few manufacturers use a linear motor for higher speeds of RAM.

EDM is a slow process, a EDMing large molds and dies, it is long. In addition, milling machines, high speed, known as HSM put on the market that can directly machine hardened die plates.

The theory of hard milling is essentially the same than conventional milling. milling disc is performed in a specially designed machine tools and cutting is done by a diet very high (15000-40000). In such cases, the majority of material for the mold removal typical pressure plate is made of high speed machine and the only complex cavities EDM process. This scheme is not cheaper unless dies / molds are large and repetitive nature.

These two processes, EDM and HSM are certain limits and now complement each other in stores workrooms Indians and the tool.

process EDM has been refined with flexibility, repeatability and accuracy to great art EDMing specialized in a place of importance methods of choice for many types of jobs.


Concept base material is the same as removing a sink EDM, however, the machine of an electro-erosion, the design is very different. For example, All CNC machines are WireEDM while Pica-EDM may or may not be a CNC machine.

These machines have been marketed in India in early 80. Development in the field of electronics and CNC has had a significant impact on the wire EDM machines, for example, now has 6-8 times better performance compared with the previous version of machines.

Contrary to the sink EDM, wire EDM electrode case is a diameter simple, fixed wireless, so that the complex design and manufacture of electrodes, simply disappears.

Efficient and workpiece High performance depends essentially cured many peripheral factors, in addition to the machine itself. These are so important to be treated as the machine itself. Son

  1. The electrode wire material.

  2. piece of metal and preparation.

  3. dielectric clean water.

  4. Clean & controlled environment.

1. Thread electrode material:

Wire EDM has also evolved with the development machine to meet the changing demands of technology machinery and new applications.

first cable was never used copper wire WEDM. Soon came the brass wire existence which is essentially an alloy of copper and zinc. It is well established that increasing the percentage of zinc over cutting speed and less breakage of wire (We will not go into the theoretical aspects of this.) also improves performance in terms of better surface finish and integrity of carbide cutting pieces and especially PCD - polycrystalline diamond.

Due to limitations of the manufacturing process, not a pure zinc wire drawing can or home. existing manufacturing processes Prohibit drawing reliable and economical, if the zinc content is above 40%. coated wire emerged with 100% pure zinc, but due to limitations on the thickness of the coating process can be only a few microns.

In Galvanized wire is consumed rapidly because of its low temperature vaporization., hence its effective use is limited to 80 mm thick Maximum room. Diffuse annealed wire with a layer thickness of 30-40 microns and the heat treatment process known as annealing diffuse. contains zinc 45% provides optimum speed and many manufacturers, including electronic technology is based on this type of thread.

Researchers are working on technologies to improve zinc content. Five years ago, Dr. Dan Tomalin has found an innovative process called gamma phase wire, which allows 65% of zinc to maintain cutting increases the rate of 10-50% in many cases.

We now have the opportunity to use a dozen different types of son for greater productivity. Brass, copper-plated steel wire brass tubular diffuse, hard or soft brass wire molybdenum are available to name a few in the world.

As the wire diameter is greater than 0.1 to 0.3 mm, current densities are not possible. Thus, the current pulses lasting very low, down 1.5 to 2 milliseconds. with high peak currents up to 500A or more are required to be released uniformly. Thanks to innovations in the field of electronic devices and fast-switching MOSFET power because they have to spend short term high peak currents. greater number of discharge pulses per unit time, over the removal of material, which is called as cutting speed, usually specified as mm2/min.

In the past 20 years, the cutting speed is increased from 30 mm2/min. Mm2/min 300., Nearly 10 times.


Normally, all manufacturers of machines are the cutting speed and finished in a hardened steel such as for example, state machine Electronica cutting speed and surface finish of the steel HCHC in the brochure.

Speed cutting and precision are different for different materials because of the changes in the mode of metal behavior during EDMing.


This is not very common in India, the tool shop, but it is important metal in the aerospace and racing car manufacturers in the world. Because of its natural properties, which finds its use in the human body for replacement of joints and various dental implants.

WEDM cut about titanium. 90% and 100% speed tool steel, as the cable used. Because of water as a process dielectric, oxidation causes the cutting surface when cutting titanium blue.

Special Anti-generating circuits cons of electrolysis minimize these effects.


The use of copper is very high in many areas, especially in jewelry, son Electric, coins, pipes and electrodes for EDM pulse, etc. son cut short about EDM. Tool HSS 80-85%.


This metal is commercially available in various alloys. Al has a lower melting temperature, therefore, cut about 250-300% more faster than steel. faster speeds the final results are rougher and while EDMing aluminum.


Material is very hard, mixed with cobalt as a binder and sintered below. Cobalt is highly conductive and applies carbide. WEDming Meanwhile, cobalt background first vaguely related to carbide. This exposes carbide particles and because of the electrolysis of water as a dielectric, and a new oxidation carbide leaching risk. This phenomenon is common to all machines WEDM and it is known that the loss of cobalt, which essentially degrades tool life.

guidelines of the technology proposed by the manufacturer to minimize this effect.


Water as a dielectric plays a vital role in WEDM in achieving optimal performance.

The essential characteristics of the water dielectric are: -

1. Must be "mechanically namely particle size CLEAN" be dissolved at the micron filter. Paper filter systems cartridge filtration or mineral bed are generally available.

2. Should be "thermal CLEAN." Water is heated by the erosion and water pumps, water flows to launch the process of EDM. Water Coolers is presented as an accessory standard to maintain the temperature of the dielectric when cutting metal.

3. Should be "chemically clean. Demineralization water occurs during cutting and conductivity of water increases. mixed bed resins deionizer controllers are available with automatic conductivity maintain a recommended level.

CLEANING controlled environment

Place where the unit is installed must be maintained at a uniform temperature. Normally, it should be like one quarter of tools well maintained between 20 and 22? C.

Temperature changes during cutting may cause -

- Parts to bend or twist

- Oil deform

- Stretching due to coefficient temperature, the latter case, it deteriorates the quality of parts.

In India, because of the extreme heat of summer, many problems related to land part accuracy.

It is also noted that the cutting speed WEDM drops over 15% of elevation Temperature of 10%.

Limitations WEDM and its remedies.

Arch and cone effect and remedy.

WEDM machines are designed to generate a cone of the qualifications for having an axis parallel to the assistant principal axis XY. But the process itself generates some WireEDM Arco / Effect affecting the employment status of cone. Each manufacturer provides guidelines to address these deficiencies by applying reduction of the installation or skim cut or cut after the first cut multiple. Low energy precision skim depend mainly on three parameters that control the precise pulse energy, an electrode wire vibration travel without mechanism perfect control in running water.

Many manufacturers have increased 5 cups skim technology with its innovative control more than three parameters.


Thanks to high mechanical forces and electromagnetic acting on the wire in the spark, while cutting the wire, tends to deviate from its planned route, cause damage to the corner edges or corners with a very small corner radius on the job. Each manufacturer provides innovative strategy for integrated control of fuzzy logic to retain the shape corner son during cutting.

MACHINING submerged:

In these types of machines, thread cutting operation is performed in a water bath. Under conditions challenging discharge machining cut a poor degree cone, extrusion, machining of parts is always stacked submerged preferred. More manufacturers now offer machines underground.

effect of heat on the surface integrity of the metal surface:

During the process of EDM surface material is affected by many phenomena that are directly modify the structure of the bedrock. The result is that the area is not an integral base material.

defects are mainly due to the various processes which are triggered early in the initial strike of EDM spark.

Surface damage

  • In Because the thermal process.

  • Because of the chemical transformation.

  • With electrolysis And corrosion process.

The damage caused by the heat treatment

With the initial strike on the spark the metal surface, the material is melted and formed the crater. The molten metal is reduced to the spark of the crater because of surface tension.

This material is frozen in the cutting surface to produce a layer that is very different properties from those of the parent material. This layer is known as "white coat" or "recast layer.

Immediately below the white layer is an area known as "HAZ" zone affected.

The new hardened layer formed because the temperature exceeded the temperature of income, but not melt the surface. This layer is hard and brittle.

Damage effects of chemicals

EDM surface is subjected to chemical contamination of the electrode and dielectric. From a metallurgical point of view from major pollutant is carbon. A small amount of carbon has a profound effect on the behavior of the steel. In WEDM machines, Ion chemistry of contaminated particles is more or less neutralized by the process of Deion. But in the RAM EDM no such mechanism, it is always advisable change the dielectric oil periodically.

The damage caused by the effect of electrolysis

process WEDM uses water as a piece dielectric son of anode and cathode. Charging voltage leads to a reaction. When the water molecules are reduced at the cathode and oxidation at the anode. Thus, the more or less work than the anode is consumed in the type of metal used. This degradation causes the surface of the workpiece.


Due process of EDM, several layers and a layer of white layer re-tempered, hardened layer is formed in the original material.

Today high speed switching, short-term pulse high peak current technology provides greater control to minimize such effects, but the nature of the EDM process heat makes it impossible to eliminate these defects completely. thickness of the affected area can vary from a few microns, depending on connection / finishing parameters.

Skimmed current retail cuts can improve the surface.

Reduced mechanical properties of metal layer affected contributed shorten life.

Effect on the integrity of the effect of surface pressure / punch hard surface profile metal performance, which wear resistance.

New Trends in EDM application

EDM in the molding INDUSTRY

Vertical EDM has been a pillar in the mold making operation for decades. In recent years, the performance boost WEDM was used in the mold making industry as well.

mold making is an age old profession which, in theory, has not changed since centuries.

A portion is replicated by turning or by forcing a melt in a pre-printed form or in the cavity. better precision and finish of the mold cavity resulting in better reproduction of part size and mold life. This is particularly necessary for plastic parts are usually in the form of a finished piece.

Application areas WEDM manufacturer of molds:

1. decisions electrodes:

This is the first use of WEDM in manufacturing molds. copper electrodes complex, multi-electrode identical precise and cleanly, it consumed electrodes walls uneconomic and very difficult time.

2. Bottom mold work:

specific pocket mold insert holder base plate wider and thicker the mold base higher savings. Square inserts can be easily cut no corner radius.

3. Insert Mold:

Due to cut without cutting and also very fast, without accumulated in the details due to the accumulation.

complex geometry of involute gears or spline is virtually impossible to generate in the hall of conventional machine tools. Wirecut no limitation on the width of the pressure angle of the teeth and other characteristics of the gear ring. All gear cavity of a circle can be cut into any shrinkage factor easily.

4. Extrusion die plate:

Extrusion die plate essentially need wide-angle that can be easily cut by Wirecut.

5. View Gear Mold:

Plastic gears clock is inhibited by small teeth. With a thread of 50-70 microns, the cut of this part is easy.

6. Inserts

Connector inserts require multiple layers close tolerance is very labor intensive and very expensive to grind and assemble. All this is avoided by using WEDM.

7. Core Pin and eject pin hole

Wire EDM can actually cut through all the holes in the cavity inserted after curing. The holes will be directly with the size and Sharp edges have been killed in the cavity, resulting in no risk of shock.

8. Reduce or eliminate polishing

polishing Mold in India is a labor intensive work hard, and can be avoided by EDM are now able to provide up to 1 μ Rmax finish.

Micro EDM Machining

Micromachining is a basic technology used for the production of miniaturized parts and components.

Until recently, there has been emphasis on the production of microelectronic components with an etching and other fabrication techniques photos. Today, with the tremendous need for development of micro machines, micro technology using machine tools became very popular.

Micromachining is the generic term for very small machines of a millimeter by millimeter, and the robots are micro-enterprises, capsules inserted in the human body for medical, micro-motors, etc. Micro-machining machine tools using microwave sensors has the advantage of machining three-dimensional shapes with ease.

In recent years, increased demand is a micromachining technology in various industries such as

  • Aerospace

  • Medical device

  • Automotive

micromachining techniques to create parts to less than 100 microns only thicker than a human hair - the hair of the man is 75 microns.

These techniques micromachining are used to manufacture parts such as

  • medical components

  • Micro modules

  • Electronic tools

  • microvalves

  • CI Tools

  • Sub Miniature - actuators and engines

aspects of productivity and automation

Stores today are struggling achieve the highest employment level manufacturing efficiency and productivity.

Automation can be a solution, but automation is not possible for the sake of automation, there are plenty of downtime, minimize if we can provide opportunities competitive advantage.

Typical EDM work shop work primarily in four distinct stages.

  1. preparation room and part programming

  2. job development / Align / upload / download

  3. Cup work

  4. Labour inspection

Although the machine is running WEDM, there are many factors intentions Rights come into play as -

  1. wire threaded spool change.

  2. Adjournment.

  3. Replacement of consumables.

In all aspects before taking one job cut yields on income.

While all other aspects are important for managing the store, are a waste of time and it is likely to reduce to a minimum.

We'll see what the point of view of "Lean Job Shop, where automation can be a means to improve productivity. Lean manufacturing, a commitment to eliminate Waste shorthand, simplifying procedures and speeding up production, can be a conception.

machinery manufacturer modern and Accessories WEDM manufacturer worked to help users by providing many features and accessories to minimize human intervention and thus reduce waste time and improve the stay of the court. Let's review.

  1. preparation work and development: It includes strategic planning, such as cutting the hole in the beginning, the work of setting margins, rough / skim cutting machine manufacturers, etc. to provide guidance and hands on technology revenues, which can run without intervention, thereby saving time.

  2. Tools: sufficient time can be saved using the tools available today

  • Good quality

  • For affordable

It offers:

  • single minute exchange of die (SMED)

  • quarter of work fixing to die

  • And using a function command line of the machine.

Reducing significantly the downtime.

1. Cup of work: working time of cut can be improved by appropriate selection of cutting speeds and cutting of multiple strategies.

Although manufacturers specify the maximum cutting speed, but accelerate the creation of means defects, which deteriorates the precision and finish the job. Time is lost later in the reduction of defects.User must decide the optimal speed court rather than the maximum cutting speed for maximum cutting efficiency overall.

2. Labour inspection: the modern machines are able to provide a consistent product quality in terms of accuracy and finish, as long as all the factors / guidelines listed in paragraph precedent are fulfilled. time inspection work can be saved by selecting the dimensions significantly controls very little.

loss of time due to interventions

1. WIRE:

The defects, improper use of cutting parameters can lead to the wire breaks.

son Manuel thread consumed at least 5 minutes when the operator is in front of the machine. This time can be saved by using son automatic threading facilities.

Today, this function is available in most of EDM son.

Auto wire threading time is usually 45 seconds, which is much in terms of saving time.

In the case of multiple cavity die, the machines with the AWT thread is automatically cut and threaded into the program, with what we get to perform its monitoring operations.

2. spool loading and unloading

Changing the coil of wire becomes an interrupt if large jobs where the break time is over 24 hours. Superior kg. Coils up to 45 kg are available for a period of several days and eliminate the frequent changes of the coil over time.

Special accessories available Manufacturers can use to reduce human intervention.

3. Interruption

In Indian conditions are not blackouts frequent.

Many shop owners have backup power generators energy. But very few have integrated Automatic installation of Exchange. manually changing the generator consumes more time and depends on the attention of the operator. This time 5 minutes to 15 minutes.

Generator with automatic changeover on the plant will start in 1 minute.

The machine with an auto installation of energy recovery will take the cup in one minute.

4. The replacement of consumables: Manufacturer provides information on consumable life in the form of pills existing resin coating, filters, etc.

predefined supplies replacement schedule help save time.


Now, one day, especially in developed countries, the machines are equipped with tool magazine / Unloading job Robotics for loading and unloading, to manage hardware without driver.

Improved performance in terms increased cutting speed tolerable working precision and surface finish of the EDM has become very popular not only in Bed and tools, but also for production applications, which was not profitable a few years ago.

Ultimately, innovations in EDM are intended to simplify the task of EDMing economically to produce tools for life in the always competitive tool, mold, aerospace, pharmaceutical and many industries.

About the Author

CEO Electronica Machine Tools Ltd., Pune, India


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