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Store your photos with scrapbooking

The first thing to do is get pictures of albums and magnetic cast albums. Who Responsible much there. But while you might have some images that stick! You want to remove them carefully, perhaps with a paper cutter or a butter knife, because it may break. If they are very precious to you, take them to a photo shop and do it for you.

Then you can sort your photos so chronologically and by subject or person. You can work from the back and, as recent events are easier to remember.

If you want the junk from the well and using archivally safe materials. All materials must be acid with a pH of 7 or higher. Acids can cause discoloration of paper, become rigid and eventually become brittle with time. It can also destroy photographs or other memories that contact. Your memories are precious and you want to keep a good way to pass from generation to generation.

If you are starting by scrapbooking, you also need an acid-free adhesive, a paper cutter, a pen acid, and of course, acid-free cardboard and paper without cause.

Journal is very important in an album. The story "photos. Remember that the paper should include the who, what, when, where and why, otherwise it is not really relevant to the generations that follow, they do not know who is the person or story behind it.

The photos that you have not thrown yet be placed in an acid free photo box and properly labeled. If you have photos that I do, then you'll know why it is very important agenda and everything on the label. It saves time, confusion and chaos.

Make sure you enter your favorites or better photos in an album. If they are blurry or too dark or light, is not likely a better album. Although you can cut or cut to improve their own photos to a certain extent. The person or object can appear more or you can cut right next to objects or people that do not fit in image.

By using role cards or paper, make sure that the paper color to coordinate with the image and photo mats. Mat a photo means adhering photo for a piece of cardboard slightly larger than the image to create a small box around it. This highlights the picture and makes it stand out.

There are various decorations you can use to grant discounts key, such as eyelets, buttons, ribbons, letters or other metal objects, clips, pins, locks, hinges, stickers, diecuts, embossing, vellum, etc. This list is very long! Have fun begin!

About the Author

Jacqueline M. Schimmel is a Professional Scrapbook Designer who designs custom and premade scrapbooks, cards, frames and teaches scrapbooking courses in Germany. Her portfolio consists of over 580 designed layouts and she was hired to design an album that was given to his Holiness the Pope in 2005 on his visit to Cologne, Germany. The name of her business is Memories Artwork™, http://memoriesartwork.typepad.com.


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